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Wings Over America
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2002-Jun-16: VH1's Party at the Palace Interview

VH1's Queen's Jubilee Party at the Palace VH1's "The Queen's Jubilee: The Party at the Palace" program that debuted this week, featured this playful interview between Sir Paul and Sharon Osbourne, wife of Ozzy.   The interview took place backstage as the Corrs were finishing their performance of Sir Paul's "The Long and Winding Road".
Sharon: Here we are backstage at the Queen's Jubilee with Sir Paul McCartney.

Sir Paul:  (jokingly)  SIR Paul McCartney!

Sharon: And, I tell you, I still can't  ***** believe it.

Sir Paul:  There she goes, she's off and swearing, I tell you ...

Sharon:  I can't help it.  I just can't help it.  It's just so ...

Sir Paul:  I know.  This is how we like it.  (He sings the line, "the long and winding road") No, it's true, it's very lovely.  You write them and I love the idea they sort of get into people's heads and people's hearts and then they record them later.  It's a great sort of honor, you know.  It's a thrill.

Sharon: It must be the greatest thing in the world.  I couldn't even begin to know what that feels like.

Sir Paul: And how's your series going?   (referring to "The Osbournes" hit television series)

Sharon:  Get off!  It's not about me.  Will you stop?

Sir Paul:  I'm hearing all about you - hearing about your swearing, already.

Sharon:  Will you stop?

Sir Paul:  Do you get bleeped in this interview or does it go through?

Sharon:  Do we get bleeped?   ***** [BLEEEEEEEEP]   I don't know.

Sir Paul:  You don't know.  We'll see.

Sharon:  All right, you've finished your tour of America.

Sir Paul:  Yeah.

Sharon:  I hear that you're going to be doing another one?

Sir Paul:  I don't really like to go out for sort of three or four months.  I do get bored a bit, so I like to keep it fresh.  And the amount of time we went out for, which was like two months, we were still wanting to play, you know.  That last night, we were  - no, no, no, don't let it finish!  So, you know, we still have the energy and the desire to go out again, so we're gonna do it.

Sharon:  That's fantastic.  It really is.

Sir Paul:  Yeah.

Sharon:  And congratulations on everything that's happening in your personal life.

Sir Paul:  The impending nuptials?

Sharon:  Congratulations.

Sir Paul:  Thank you.

Sharon:   Much respect to you.

Sir Paul:  Thank you, darlin'.  Lovely.

Sharon:   Really, thank you.

Sir Paul:  Well, thank you, Sharon.  Here she is - 'ey?  Rock on!  See you then.

Sharon:  Here, can I ask you one more thing?

Sir Paul:  Yes?  One more question?

Sharon:  Come on, give us a kiss?

Sir Paul:  Oh, bloody hell, no.  I can't!  Ozzy's around.

Sharon:  Go on.

Sir Paul:  Hang on.  (kiss) Sorry, Oz, had to do it.

Sharon:  (laughs)

Sir Paul:  Thank you, darlin'.

Sharon:  Thank you.  God bless.

Sir Paul:  Thank you.   (Gives her another kiss)  On camera!

(kindly submitted by PLUGGED correspondent Joan M. Hopkins)


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