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Wings Over America
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2002-Jun-15: Some Words from Brother Michael, Sir Paul's Best Man

From his home in Heswall, the Wirral, Sir Paul's brother, Mike, told The Sun yesterday, "It's great that Our Kid has found someone to be happy with."   During the interview, he shared some delightful stories about his brother's wedding, such as humming the tune " The Boys Are Back In Town" as he and Sir Paul entered the church for the ceremony:
"I'd whispered to the relatives on the right of the church 'The Boys Are Back In Town' as we walked past them.  After that I couldn't get the song out of my head. Ringo told me afterwards, 'I loved the entrance'."
Mike's 19-year-old son, Joshua, served as an usher at his Uncle Paul's wedding.  He had the job of holding the wedding rings.  Mike said:
"Joshua is a drummer himself in a rock 'n' roll band called Trilby but at the wedding Paul dubbed him The Lord of The Rings. I thought I should introduce Joshua to Ringo but it never happened.  We were too busy."
Mike described the wedding this way:
 "I've been at the epicenter of the explosion. Things will be coming back from that day for months to come. Over there I was just feet away from two people who love each other.  That's all you want in life. If you're lucky and you both love each other, that is all anybody needs."
He also told of the significance of the flowers Sir Paul wore in the buttonhole on the lapel of his wedding suit:
 "Not only did he have a pink McCartney rose but he had a sprig from Dad's lavender bush and Mum's favorite flowers -two buttercups -in his lapel. That lavender bush came from our family home in Forthlin Road, Liverpool. All our lives we had lavender around us.  Mum would put it in little sachets and leave it in drawers and Dad would burn it in his ashtray."
As Sir Paul's best man, Mike served as the Master of Ceremonies at the wedding receptions:
 "I introduced the first dance, Tony Bennett singing "The Very Thought Of You". It was Paul and Heather's favorite song and it was lovely. At the start there was just Bennett's voice singing. Then all of a sudden the song broke off and Tony was talking on a specially made recording. He said, 'So Paul and Heather, how great it is to be part of this great occasion. This is my wedding present to you'."
Mike also made a speech at the reception, which included the announcement of the result of Ireland's 3-0 World Cup triumph over Saudi Arabia:
"I was changing the speech even as Heather's sister Fiona was making hers before me. I warned Heather's family of the insanity they were coming into.  I told them the family sayings. I reckon our lot must have invented surrealism centuries ago. Popular phrases used by our lot include 'the answer is, there is no answer' or 'in goes your eye out'. Or as Aunty Milly would say, 'here we are, where are we?' The whole McCartney clan have been brought up on these absolutely bizarre and magic sayings for years.   I say them and never explain them. They always get you thinking. Nobody ever explained any of them to Paul or me. I've got six kids and a grandchild just 18-months-old and they've all heard them."
Mike recalled how devastated his brother was when he lost Linda:
"When we heard that Linda had died, Ro (Mike's wife Rowena) said, what are you going to do? I just got in the car and went down to Paul's house on the south coast. There are some times when talking isn't enough. It knocked Paul for six. That's the most important time that anybody should bother about anybody else, when death happens. With the passage of time grief gets less, but it never ever leaves you.

"When we talk about Dad or Mum to this day it all comes back. But there's also a thing where you have to get on with your life. Time goes on with you and without you. What is great is the fact that our kid has found someone to be happy with. I am lucky in the fact that I am still in love with the lady that I married 20 years ago. Paul was best man on that day and his speech was more relaxed and shorter than the one I gave this week. He just ad libbed. Like Paul and Heather there is an age difference between us -it's 18 years. Some people said our marriage wouldn't last 20 years ago - but it has.

"Paul was going out with Jane Asher when he was best man for my first marriage. Then when I got remarried 20 years ago in Penny Lane he did the job again.

"At the end of the day we're two little Liverpool lads -that is exactly what we are. We've never really changed -the world has changed all around us.  But every time we get together we are just the way we were. He's remained sane amid all the madness.  There we were in this big posh castle and Our Kid throws the frisbee I bought him as a wedding present. It had P and H written on it.

"I am glad they found each other -you've got to be. I wish Paul and Heather all the luck in the world."

(kindly submitted by PLUGGED correspondent Joan M. Hopkins)


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