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Wings Over America
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2002-Jun-12: The Wedding Reception

Updated June 14.  Sir Paul's spokesman, Geoff Baker, told reporters today, "It was a fabulous event, really fantastic. Everything went according to plan and everyone had a superb time."  Today, we have learned more about what took place at the wedding reception.

After the ceremony, the wedding guests were treated to a vegetarian banquet served on gold platters in a Taj Mahal type tent.  The menu included a mushroom pastry, salad, a roasted wheat dish, and an Indian-style buffet.  This was accompanied by gallons of Crystal champagne and Australian chardonnay.

During the reception speeches, Sir Paul joked about his humble Liverpool beginnings saying, "Back then, I'd have had a wedding just to get the rice.... My trousers were so thin that if I sat down on a penny I could find out which way up it was - heads or tales."

Heather's sister, Fiona, paid tribute to Heather, saying she was her best friend and telling the guests that throughout her life, Heather looked after her like a mother at which point, Heather took the microphone from her sister and sang the Beach Boys's tune "God Only Knowns What I'd Be Without You" to her.  Sir Paul, moved to tears by the sisters' tribute, stood and wildly applauded them.

After the banquet, the entertainment began.  One guest reported that a 10-minute video was shown of Sir Paul and Heather kissing in some 20 countries of the world.  Sir Paul's band from his Driving Rain tour was one of five bands on hand to provide the music.

London's Evening Standard reports that Sir Paul joined 5 rappers and dancers on stage and performed a highly amusing rap tune about his love for Heather.  According to one guest,  "He looked like he was improvising but it was unbelievable. The energy was incredible".  Sir Paul was was soon joined in the rap by his brother Mike, and later by Heather herself.

The grand finale of the evening began at 1:20 a.m. when the fireworks display began. - the largest to be held in Ireland since the  Millennium extravaganza in Dublin two years ago.  Sir Paul and his bride boarded a vintage cabin cruiser festooned with flowers.  They stood under an arch of roses on the deck, waved farewell to their wedding guests, then sailed out a specially built jetty on the lake from which they enjoyed the pyrotechnics display. After 10 minutes of fireworks, the newlywed's boat continued across the water to a helicopter pad where the couple boarded a helicopter bound for the Belfast International Airport where Sir Paul's private jet was waiting to fly them to their honeymoon destination.

Mr. Baker indicated that the couple will be spending their honeymoon  "somewhere in the Caribbean."  There have been reports that Sir Paul has chartered a six-month old superyacht called Salperton which is described as "one of the best in the world. It's the last word in ocean-going luxury."  The Salperton comes with a crew of nine, five state rooms finished in cherrywood with en-suite marble bathrooms, a gym and the latest water sports equipment including scuba gear and three sea canoes, and the latest DVD technology.

When the fireworks ended (about 2:00 a.m.) the guests left to continue celebrating until dawn at the local hotels.  The guests departed the castle with gifts from the bride and groom - silver Waterman ballpoint pens engraved with the words, "Love Paul and Heather".

One of the guests described the wedding in this way:  "It was just fabulous - a fairytale wedding, so romantic, funny and personal."  Another guest added,  "The whole day couldn't have been better. I think Paul and Heather were exhausted by the end."

(kindly submitted by PLUGGED correspondent Joan M. Hopkins)


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