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2002-Jun-11: The Arrival of the Wedding Guests

Yesterday, Sir Paul told the crowd gathered outside the Castle Leslie gates:
"It's not a celebrity wedding. There will probably only be about ten people at the wedding you have heard of and the rest will be family and friends."
Later, Sir Paul's spokesman, Geoff Baker, revealed some of the names on the guest list:  Beatles producer George Martin, Ringo Starr and Pink Floyd frontman David Gilmour.  Other reports have stated that former President Clinton, Eric Clapton and Elton John are expected to attend the wedding.   Mr. Baker did not confirm this, but he did say:
"Among the guests there are some well known musicians so maybe they will have an impromptu performance.  There are no plans, but at parties like this it's possible they could all get up on stage.  You never know. We've got Macca , Ringo and guests like Pink Floyd guitarist Dave Gilmour -- who knows what could happen?"
Earlier today, about 90 relatives and friends of Sir Paul arrived at Belfast International Airport on a chartered flight from Liverpool.  They were chauffeured to Castle Leslie via a fleet of coaches and limousines.

Ringo Starr, dressed in a frilly white shirt and jeans, arrived in Belfast aboard his private jet.  Chrissie Hynde, Jules Holland and Twiggy arrived later on a chartered flight from London's Heathrow airport. Starr flew to Belfast on his private jet, airport authorities said.  Some guests will be staying at Castle Leslie, while others have been booked into local hotels.

The press caught Stella McCartney and Sir Paul's close friend Pink Floyd guitarist Dave Gilmour en route to Ireland at London's Heathrow airport.  Davie Gilmour told the reporters,  "I'm sure Paul and Heather are looking forward to it and they'll make a lovely couple." Stella told the reporters that the wedding has her blessing,  "Of course. I don't want to say much else but it certainly does have my blessing, absolutely."

Earlier, Baker Geoff Baker held an impromptu press conference in the cozy Pillar House Pub not far from Castle Leslie.  There he disclosed some of the details of the celebration.  Although the time of the wedding was not announced, Mr. Baker said he thought it would be sometime after 3 p.m. (10 a.m. EDT)  He claimed he did not know if there would be a full marriage service at the church or simply a blessing. (Divorcees such as Ms Mills would not normally be remarried by the Church. )

Formal attire will not be required.  Mr. Baker reported,  "I have not been told that I am supposed to wear a black tie so I gather it is informal...It's a proper Liverpool wedding - beers on the piano.  The theme is definitely relaxed and informal, this is not a glitzy event in that sense."

Even so, Mr. Baker claims,  "People are saying it's costing GBP 3.5million but you can probably add another zero on to that.  No expense has been spared.  Paul has truly built a castle for his bride. Every girl would want to get married here. It is one of the most romantic places in the world."

The menu for the wedding banquet is to be strictly vegetarian, of course.  "This is being held by one of the world's most famous vegetarians.  Heather is of that inclination too," Mr. Baker added.

During the 90 minutes between the wedding service and the banquet, guests will be entertained by British musician Chinmaya Dunster and his eight-piece band.  They will be playing a blend of Celtic and
Indian music.  Sir Paul asked Mr. Dunster perform at his wedding after listening to his "Celtic Ragas" album.  This is how Mr. Dunster describes the scene:

 "There are elaborate decorations in the marquee, including Indian silks and luxurious cushions.  It is sort of like a chill-out lounge at a dance party. All the guests will either have their mobile phones turned off or will have had them taken away from them as it is a relaxing period between the service and the meal."
Mr. Baker described Castle Leslie this way: "It's just one of the world's most romantic places you could find. Every girl would love to be married here."

We also learned today that during their walk-about yesterday, Sir Paul and Heather were asked for autographs.  They collected all the items, took them back to the castle, signed them, and had them returned to their owners.

Today's Daily Mail is reporting that yesterday's appearance outside the castle gates was recorded by Sir Paul's camera crew to be included as part of his Driving Rain tour documentary.  The Telegraph reports that the wedding will be seen in its entirety in the documentary.  They write that an American production team, with video cameras, arrived at the 1,000-acre Leslie estate yesterday and immediately began filming.  They add that the tour will resume soon, with more dates scheduled for America, followed by concerts in the Far East, including Japan. British dates are being planned for early  next year.

People Magazine, June 24, 2002We have also learned more about THE wedding picture.  The bride and groom will be photographed by the American photographer Bill Bernstein.  Mr. Bernstein has been touring with Sir Paul, snapping pictures of the recent Driving Rain tour.  As Geoff Baker explained yesterday, "There will be a single photo for which publications will pay and the money will go to charity. An occasion like this is for everybody, not just for the person with the largest checkbook."  The the funds raised will be Heather's Adopt-A-Minefield charitable trust.  According to the trust's director Alexandra Lagelee, pounds 1,000 would be enough to clear 1,000 square meters of minefield in Afghanistan, Mozambique, Cambodia, Bosnia or Vietnam.   Ms. Lagelee only learned about the donation yesterday.  She said, "It's really nice that there will be a tangible benefit from this."

Mr. Baker added that Sir Paul had turned down several lucrative offers for the rights to publish his wedding pictures saying, "Instead we are asking for a donation of GBP 1,000 from newspapers to use a photo of Paul and Heather. That will go to Adopt-A-Minefield UK which is Heather's charity to help landmine victims and support mine clearance. The guests can get wedding presents from a list or give the money to the charity."

(kindly submitted by PLUGGED correspondent Joan M. Hopkins)


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