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Wings Over America
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2002-Jun-09: The Wedding Invitation Photo

An article published in today's The People reports that wedding guests found a playful photo of Sir Paul and Heather tucked inside their elegant wedding invitations.  The photo shows the bare-footed Sir Paul with his trouser legs rolled-up carrying Heather on his back piggyback style.  In the picture, Heather is laughing and Sir Paul is sporting his trademark "cheeky grin".  A friend of the couple described the photo this way:
 "The picture is a really nice touch. It is warm, natural and genuine. Heather looks radiant and you can see instantly how happy they are.  Sir Paul is not into showing off but they both decided the picture was a good idea to cap the invite package. They hoped it would put people in the mood for their happy day."
The invitation to the "joyous occasion" directs the guests to:
Please arrive at the Sheraton Skyline Hotel, Heathrow Airport (Bath Road) at 8.30 am on Tuesday 11th June.

Valet parking will be available and you should assemble at the Travel Company
Reception. From there you will be flown to your destination.

Upon arrival you will be met and driven to your hotel and later to the wedding.

At the end of the evening, you will be driven back to your hotel.

Souvenir photographs will be taken and sent to you later, therefore we request that no cameras or mobile phones be brought. This will ensure the privacy of our occasion as well as making sure that you switch off and have a good time.

Please bring a current passport.


(kindly submitted by PLUGGED correspondent Joan M. Hopkins)


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