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Wings Over America
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2002-Jun-06: Stella Visits Kuwait

Stella McCartney granted a rare interview to NBC's Extra television program.  Stella was in the Middle East last week , attending the gala grand opening of Sheik Majed Al-Sabah's $40-million luxury designer boutique, Villa Moda, in Kuwait City  (see April 1).
During her visit to Villa Moda, Stella sold one-of-a-kind t-shirts to raise money for charity.  She explained:
 "It's to help educate Islamic women."
She says that having her own Stella McCartney label is keeping her busy these days:
 "It's a lot of work, it's exciting. We've developed my logo and now we have to do packaging. There's just everything to do."
Gucci president, Domenico De Sole, predicts that Stella is on her way to fashion superstardom:
"She has a great natural instinct for the product. I think she's going to be a great success."
Stella had this to say about her designs:
"I find it very intriguing why people choose to wear certain things each day or how it reflects their mood."
She also claims:
"I do really think that women appreciate the details that I give them in my clothes."
And what is is like opening a boutique in New York city?
 "It's really exciting. It's mad opening stores with your name on them."
Mr. Domenico announced that he has big plans for Stella McCartney:
 "We'll be launching next a cosmetic line and a perfume line."
Other reports from the Villa Moda sumptuous opening gala demonstrate Stella's sense of humor.  During the party, Stella asked to try on Sheik Majed J. Hamoud Al-Sabah's 60-carat diamond ring:
"I can't believe he wanted it back!  I thought that in this country, if you asked for something, they'd let you keep it."
She also told reporters that she has great respect for the Sheik:
"When Majed asked me to do an installation (with the artist Gary Hume) in the gallery at Villa Moda he took the trouble to see me in person. A lot of people would have just picked up the phone. It made a big difference. It helps that he's very bright and charismatic."

(kindly submitted by PLUGGED correspondent Joan M. Hopkins)


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