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Wings Over America
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2002-Jun-06: Some Pre-Wedding Festivities

Updated. It has been a busy week for Sir Paul and Heather Mills.  Last weekend, Heather held a hen party for 30 of her closest friends  (who were instructed to wear house slippers to protect the new carpeting) in her newly renovated home in Hove (see May 31). One of Heather's guests told reporters:
"It was a great party and everyone had a really great night but we all thought the slippers rule was a bit strange. All the girls were glammed up in their very best outfits and having to put on a pair of slippers didn't really finish off the posh evening wear as we would have liked.  We didn't really feel like we could have a wild time -we looked more like grannies than party animals.  But no one complained as Heather is so incredibly proud of all the work she has had done on her home."
The festivities were briefly interrupted by a hungry dog.  While Heather and her guests were enjoying a beautifully prepared picnic on the beach, Radio 1 DJ Sara Cox's basset hound, Snoop, decided to join the party.  The embarrassed Ms. Cox reports:
"When I take Snoop out and he spies food, there is that moment when he senses there is food about and he starts twitching. And then he's off - he just charges towards the smell.  In the past he's had a young lady's birthday cake and a tandoori chicken."
Ms. Cox, who was visiting Brighton for the weekend, was taking a stroll along the beach with her hostess, Zoe Ball:
"We knew Heather Mills's house was nearby and we saw her and her girlfriends all together on the beach. As soon as we saw them I thought 'I hope they don't have any food' as Snoop wasn't on the lead.  But he did this twitching movement - and then Snoop was off, charging towards Heather's lovely picnic."
Ms. Cox reports that Heather was very gracious about the mishap:
 "She was very nice about it and said Snoop obviously wasn't a vegetarian. All her food was veggie, he wouldn't eat any of it."
Meanwhile, according to Sir Paul's brother Mike, back in London on Saturday night, Sir Paul and his son James, entertained 15 friends at a stag night at the exclusive club, Home House. Mike is happy with his new sister-in-law, saying: "Heather is obviously so right for him and this is the kind of happiness he deserves. I have met Heather, seen her and Paul together and she is just a lovely Newcastle girl and very warm."

Last evening, Sir Paul and Heather enjoyed former Beach Boy Brian Wilson's concert at the Brighton Centre.   Sir Paul and Brian Wilson shared the stage at Monday's "Party at the Palace".  Mr. Wilson told reporters:

" The atmosphere backstage was terrific, lots of people I've known since the old days in the Sixties. I talked to Paul McCartney, and we got on real well.  Yes, of course there was a rivalry between us and the Beatles, but we always liked each other as people. People are always talking about this competition between Pet Sounds and Sgt Pepper's, but in my opinion it was a case of honors even. Both records, I think, represented a great step forward at the time, and that is how they should be remembered."
Brighton/Hove's The Argus photographer, Aaron St. Clair met Sir Paul and Heather as they left the concert.  Sir Paul stopped to sign autographs, but Heather seemed anxious to leave.  Mr. St. Clair reports:
"I asked if I could take some pictures and he said 'Oh, The Argus - yes, of course'. She was reluctant to have her picture taken and was very sheepish about posing with Paul."

(kindly submitted by PLUGGED correspondent Joan M. Hopkins)


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