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Wings Over America
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2002-May-22: Sir Paul's "Big Heart"

Big HeartUnveiled for the first time today at Sir Paul's art exhibit at Liverpool's Walker Gallery is his new abstract painting called "Big Heart" dedicated to Heather Mills.  Sir Paul painted the abstract shortly after he met Heather and is one of the few paintings he has completed in the last few years.  "Big Heart" is described as a large red heart shape with the figure of a female nude scratched into the surface of the painting.

Michael Simpson, the curator of the exhibition, has this to say about the work:

"The life work of Paul McCartney is all about heart. Love and passion are resonant themes in his music and so too now in his paintings.   Without heart, art is not art.  It is meaningless. Heart is epicentral to Paul and to what people - particularly Liverpool people - feel about Paul.

"There is pride in our hearts here that the gallery through which Paul first wandered as a schoolboy with John Lennon can mark his passionate creativity with this show."

The Walker Gallery's communications manager added:
"The image is iconic of McCartney. Liverpool has always been in the heart of McCartney.  He has never forgotten his home town nor how from his roots here he and his pals would effect changes in the hearts of the world together. 'Big hearts' is what he and Linda said they most wanted for their children and a big heart is what he now plainly has for Heather.

"Paul McCartney has always sung about love and now he is painting it. This exhibition is symbolic of the man and of his moment in our time."

"The Art of Paul McCartney" , Sir Paul's the first comprehensive exhibition of his art work in Britain, will be launched tomorrow evening with a private party.   Sir Paul and Heather will be present.   Many works in the show are new and have never been previously exhibited or published.   Along with the 70 paintings, Sir Paul will exhibit some of his wood sculpture and photographs.

(kindly submitted by PLUGGED correspondent Joan M. Hopkins)


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