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Wings Over America
Wings Over America
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2002-May-14: A George Bush Moment

On Sunday, Sir Paul experienced a "George Bush moment" during a telephone interview with Tampa Tribune reporter, Curtis Ross, from backstage at Atlanta's Phillips Arena. Sir Paul started to cough, asked for some water, then explained to Mr. Ross, "I'm scarfing up nuts and one of them went down the wrong way.  Lucky it wasn't a pretzel.'' (referring to President Bush's fainting incident last January).

During the interview, Sir Paul talked about Freedom:

"I'm a pacifist but when you get attacked you're placed in a very difficult situation. I always used to say, even in the '60s, that if I'd been around like my dad was when Hitler was set to invade England, I certainly wouldn't lay down my arms and go to jail as a pacifist because it would be my mother or my wife or my children that I would feel I have to defend.  Freedom is one of the great things about America, where so many people from around the world have come to escape oppressive regimes and set up a new free life.''
On the art of song writing, Sir Paul said:
"There is no method.  People used to say to John and I, 'How do you write?' and we said 'We don't know. We make it up fresh every time. If we had a method we'd bottle it and sell it.' I just let the song, hopefully, try and write itself.  Those are the best ones.''
His song writing sessions usually start by "noodling around'' on the guitar until he finds a chord sequence:
"You find yourself humming along with it.  I'd listen to what I'm saying as I'm mumbling and I might hear myself sort of, 'Picks up the rice in a church ...'  What does that mean? Who would that person be?  Let's say it's a woman, let's say she's a cleaner and let's say she's got a lonely life. That then just leads itself into Eleanor Rigby. ''
Sir Paul revealed that in the song, Father McKenzie, was originally was named Father McCartney:
"John wanted me to keep [the name] but I was uncomfortable with it.''
During this tour, Sir Paul has included tributes to Linda, John and George:
"It's difficult but in a nice way.  My take is that I'm privileged to have known these people and to have spent part of my life with them. I'm privileged to have been married to Linda for 30 years, and to have known John and George and to have worked with them for so long.  That gives me a feeling of joy.  For a second, I have to remember the loss, but I focus on the joy. And there was a lot of it. I'm a privileged man.''
Sir Paul describes this tour as "delicious. The audiences are fantastic and the band is really spectacular.''

And how would he like to be remembered?

"As a good human being - who, happened to, by the way, do a bit of this and a bit of that.  I used to say 'with a smile.' That still kind of holds true.''

(kindly submitted by PLUGGED correspondent Joan M. Hopkins)


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