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Wings Over America
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2002-May-03: Heather Mills to Appear at Macy's in L.A.

On Saturday, May 4, at 2:00 in the afternoon,  Heather Mills will make a promotional appearance for the INC: International Concepts spring 2002 fashion collection at Macy's in the Los Angeles Beverly Center.

As she accompanies Sir Paul on his concert tour of the United States, Heather is finding opportunities to focus attention on her campaign to ban the use of land mines. Yesterday, ABC television featured video clips of Heather talking about her own disability and her efforts to raise awareness about the global land mine crisis.

Heather talked about losing her leg in a road accident in 1993:

"It was ironic because my mother had lost her leg at the same age."
Heather sees her disability as an opportunity to help others:
"What tends to happen is it makes you want to fight for them more.  You meet a young child that's lost her leg, her arm, her eye and she's still battling on. She's still trying to move forward and I think it just always makes you appreciate how lucky we are.

"I've fitted over 27,000 land mine amputees around the world mainly from second hand limbs.  Generally ninety percent of the countries that are filled with land mines are in third world countries and to have a disability, and especially as a women, is frowned upon."

She agreed to to return to modeling for INC under one condition:
"Push the land mine situation raise awareness and also to help amputees generally around the world, then I'll do it.  What people don't realize is that land mines don't just maim the person or kill them, they infect the whole environment and the economy."
Once again, more information about Heather's work is available at

(kindly submitted by PLUGGED correspondent Joan M. Hopkins)


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