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Wings Over America
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2002-Apr-16: Once Again Sir Paul Helps America Heal

An article published in the Sun today, states that just as the Beatles helped America to recover from the shock of the assassination of President Kennedy back in 1964 , now 40 years later, Sir Paul is once again helping to heal the nation following the events of September 11.

The article quotes a Chicago radio interview during which D.J. Herri Hemmert told Sir Paul, "When you guys first hit these shores in 1964 after the assassination of John Kennedy, you lifted our spirits.  We needed that. We saw what music can do to heal and now you're here doing it again after September 11 with this show."

E! Entertainment critic David Adelson told Sir Paul much the same thing in his interview when he said, "There is an emotional aspect to this show, people are really moved to tears. When they leave there's an emotional connection made on a number of levels. It seems there is a post-September 11 connection made with Freedom and also a familiarity with you coming in. It's as though they are taking comfort in your presence. The Press are making an analogy between when you first arrived here in 1964 with The Beatles. It was also a tough time for America - America was in shock."

Sir Paul is also experiencing the similarities:

"I think there are similarities. When JFK was killed we felt it as well as you guys. It was a world shock - we could identify with it. When we came over here America was recovering from the shock. There was a feeling that it was a tough time and we were part of the relief process, part of helping to get them back to normality and being able to party.

"There was a feeling of that then - and now it's even more so. This was an attack on freedom that the world felt. It was an attack on New York that left you in shock - it certainly left me in shock - and left most democratic countries in shock. It's happening to us all and so we want to come and show some support and at the same time show we can get on with our way of life.

"It's comforting for me too. Post September 11 it's good to be with an American audience. I do feel that emotional connection with them.  People are in an emotional state in America. It's a serious time. It's a time to protect your way of life and also enjoy it. It is good to be here to help with the healing process."

According to an aide to Sir Paul, "The reviews have been the best he has had in his whole career. The reaction is like nothing I've seen on the previous two world tours. The TV coverage has been unreal."

This is what the reviews are saying:

The LA Times said his show "lived up to the most endearing and inspiring moments of The Beatles legacy".

The San Francisco Examiner wrote that "for many in the audience, the experience was nothing short of a metaphor for rebirth following September 11th".

The San Francisco Chronicle said: "McCartney has found a way of embracing his weighty Beatles legacy without letting it drag him down. He's pulled it out of the history books and put it back where it belongs, onstage and vibrantly alive.

The Oakland Tribune added: "Paul McCartney aced the opening night of his highly anticipated Driving USA tour. The crowd left amazed."

The Sacramento Bee wrote: "The power of the show was rooted in a band that was the best McCartney has fronted since The Beatles."

The San Jose Mercury News agreed, saying: "The band was the best he's played with since The Fab Four."

The Las Vegas Review-Journal raved: "No other concert crowd I've ever seen has lavished so much affection on a performer. It was wave after wave of love, all the way up to the rafters".

The Chicago Sun-Times commented: "McCartney's voice remains one of the greatest instruments in rock history."

The article closes with a quote from rocker Alice Cooper who saw the show in Las Vegas show.  He told a local radio station: "I was 14 years old again. If you're going to see a show this year, go see McCartney's show. The band sounds exactly like The Beatles. You can't get closer."

(kindly submitted by PLUGGED correspondent Joan M. Hopkins)


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