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Wings Over America
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2002-Apr-13: Sir Paul's Reflections from Toronto

Updated April 17.  Sir Paul was in Toronto today for a sold-out performance at the Air Canada Centre.  This was his first appearance in Toronto since 1993.  In a rare pre-concert press conference earlier today, Sir Paul expressed his fondness for Canada:
"(Toronto) is just one of those cities that I love coming to because, in truth, the British connections.  For us people from Britain, when I was growing up, everyone was, like, emigrating and coming over on the cheap passage and starting up new lives here. So that's what we always think of it . . . as a new beginning for a lot of my relatives and mates' relatives.

"I just love it as a city, it seemed like a very friendly city whenever we've been and the audiences are really great. And really, that's what you remember in truth."

Sir Paul went on to praise Canada for the role the country has played in the fight to ban the use of land mines:
"I would be very keen at the moment on banning landmines and seeing as Ottawa is the place where the treaty is from, you guys have been leaders on this. But unfortunately, places like the States haven't signed it.  We're very keen on that issue and clearing them up. There's countless millions still in the ground."
He also made reference to the loss of Linda and George and the events of September 11:
"I think it's strange, because of my losses and also the world's losses, it is a very emotional tour, which I like.  I do a couple of songs for John and George . . . and I wondered whether that would be too difficult but there's something about the audience and the response, we all kind of let it out.  I think particularly after Sept. 11, I think a lot of people have got a lot of emotions and in some ways, you need somewhere to let it out in a group.  If I talk about John or George or Linda or the events of Sept. 11, there's a feeling that comes over us.  We all know what we think and it's kind of obvious and it kind of works. I like it, it's a good thing to share.

"When I was 18, I was very embarrassed about all that stuff. I was just trying to be cool. Now, I'm much more OK about that. So yeah, the fact that Linda isn't in the band was originally sort of difficult...but because it's a new lineup, it's not as difficult as I thought it might be...I do a couple of songs for John and George as well and I wondered whether that would be too difficult but there's something about the audience and their response. We all kind of let it out. It's like a therapy situation for them and there's something good about that."

(kindly submitted by PLUGGED correspondent Joan M. Hopkins)


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