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Wings Over America
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2002-Apr-11: A Chicago Chat With Heather

Chicago Sun Times reporter Lisa Lenoir writes that interviewing Heather Mills is like chatting with your best girlfriend.  In fact, when she met Heather for the interview at the Whiskey Bar & Grill in the Sutton Place Hotel, Heather told her, "You look like one of my girlfriends. You really do ... it's quite amazing."

The women discussed such topics as fashion, books (Heather said that she loves The Autobiography of Malcolm X), traveling and, of course, Sir Paul:

"He has such childlike qualities. He's like Peter Pan. I am definitely the older one in the relationship. ... He's always joking and making fun and embarrassing me on the street, which we girls always like. He's honest and kind, and I love that. It's hard to find that in a man."
The friendly chat about Sir Paul came to an abrupt end when the reporter brought up the subject of Linda:
"I don't want to talk any more about us  because we are mainly here to talk about INC and the land mines. Normally, I wouldn't say anything else about us. I get offered hundreds and thousands to talk about us every day."
So, the topic turned to the global land mine crisis and how they are affecting the military forces in Afghanistan:
"American soldiers are in Afghanistan, and they are standing on them, risking their lives everyday."
Heather also spoke openly of her own artificial limb which looks amazingly lifelike:
"It always looks great. I'll never have varicose veins, and I never have to shave it."
And how does Heather feel about appearing on several worst-dressed lists after her appearance at the Oscar ceremonies?
"Who cares?  [The dress] was a bit sexy for me, but it put a message out for people with disabilities. If I wore a full-length gown, then nobody would know I didn't have some ugly, horrible, lumpy leg underneath. Whenever I wear a skirt with my legs out, it shows that amputees can get legs that look real. It shows you don't have to not be sexy or feminine.

"I am not a big spender on clothes. I think it's sad people feel they've got to buy a label to know who they are. I buy something because I like it, not because it has a name on it. I have never been a label queen and I always try to convert my girlfriends."

Heather also revealed that she has some musical talent of her own.  However, we won't playing her alto saxophone on stage with Sir Paul:
"Only private bat mitzvahs and parties ... I like to keep our things separate in that way."

(kindly submitted by PLUGGED correspondent Joan M. Hopkins)


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