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Wings Over America
Wings Over America
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2002-Apr-10: Heather's Live Chicago Television Interview

This morning, Heather Mills was interviewed by Bill Zwecker on FOX television's morning news program.   Heather was wearing white slacks and a pink flowered top from her INC International line of clothing.  Mr. Zwecker asked Heather of all the companies in the world, why did she choose INC?
"Well, I was getting an award with Hillary Clinton the day before the twin towers disaster and they heard me speak.  And so they contacted me that say and said will you head up our campaign?  I said, actually, I don't model anymore, so I won't be able to.  They said we'd like to help your charity.  We're thinking of bringing more awareness to land mine campaigns / survivor assistance.  So I said okay, if you donate a percentage of the money from the clothes and we got a deal together.

"What I like is they had a conscience the day before it actually happened (September 11).  You know, after a lot of people jumped on the bandwagon."

Mr. Zwecker noted that Heather was wearing an INC outfit.
"Yeah, this is INC, yeah.  And it's great!  I don't wear sort of top of the range designer clothes unless somebody lends them to me."
"Like at the Oscars?" Mr. Zwecker asked.
"Yeah, exactly.  And so basically this is the kind of thing that I would buy and the kind of price range.  And it's for real women.  So ... and the fact they wanted to use a 34-year-old woman like me rather than a 16-year-old girl and make her look 34."
What is the best fashion advice Heather has ever received?
"I think it's just about being comfortable with yourself and then whatever you put on, you look good in.  I think confident women are the sexiest women.  I work with some of the biggest models in the world and a lot of them are very insecure and very paranoid about their bodies.  I was always the model that was told to lose 4 or 5 pounds but never would.  I'd rather exercise and eat what I want to eat.  And I'm just really, really bush.  So, I think it's just about wearing stuff that you feel comfortable in - whatever it is."
On the land mine issues, what is the message she is trying to convey?
"I think it's about raising awareness.  And everybody can do it.  We've got kids in school being taught what the problems are - and I just think pushing that message out so we can get America to sign the ban treaty.

"You know, we've got 140 other countries and we need America to sign because China and Russia and lots of other countries have got the excuse not to sign because America's not signing.  And now with the Afghanistan situation, the American soldiers are stepping on the mines that America sold, that Russia sold.  You know, it's all coming back round.

"But the main thing for me is survivor assistance.  We can fit a child up for $20.  If people tap into, the whole thing is explained there."

Mr. Zwecker asked Heather if she and Paul were really going to get married in the Hamptons?
"I'm not going to say where we're getting married because it's quite nice that they keep getting it wrong."
And she wants to keep it small and private?
"Yeah, quiet."
Has being associated with someone as famous as Paul McCartney helped bring attention to Heather's cause?
"That's been fantastic.  Paul is involved in a lot of charities, but this has become one of his top priorities."
On the other hand, fame can be difficult to deal with.  How does Heather cope?
"I think ... I never read the papers - the tabloid papers - never read them.  I mean, for instance, when I went to the Oscars a lot of people wrote nasty things about what I wore and I wore an outfit to help a designer that helped me out 10 years ago.

"And I wanted to show my legs.  And that was the main reason I showed it because having a disability, you can still look good.  And because of that, we've got a woman who has lost her arms and her legs who has a daughter who found it difficult to see her mom like that.  So, when she saw that I look normal, their relationship got better and her daughter started telling the kids and her friends at school, 'You know, my mom's going to be like that.'

"So, I think it's about not taking the media too seriously.

"I work in a situation where people's lives depend on it, you know.  Fashion in the INC sense has been fantastic, but to worry about what magazines say - you've got to be pretty sad."



(kindly submitted by PLUGGED correspondent Joan M. Hopkins)


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