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Wings Over America
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2002-Apr-10: Heather To Appear At Bloomingdale's In Chicago

At 6:00 this evening, Heather Mills will be appearing at an INC-sponsored fashion event at Chicago's Bloomingdale's store at 900 N. Michigan Avenue.  Last week, in a telephone interview from backstage at one of Sir Paul's California concerts, Heather told Chicago Tribune reporter, Michelle Crowe, how she happened to return to modeling:
"I hadn't modeled for nine years. I was getting an award on Sept. 10th, and an executive for Federated Department stores heard my speech and sent an e-mail to my Web site saying, 'We'd like Heather for our next campaign.'  My assistant sent the standard response saying that I don't model anymore, and they said that they would like to help Adopt-A-Minefield and raise awareness. They were having a conscience before everyone suddenly started getting a conscience, and I was quite impressed with them for that reason."
What kind of a shopper is Heather?
"I'm not anybody who would spend lots of money on designer stuff unless it is 70 percent off. I just can't get my head around spending that kind of money."
How does Sir Paul help her to start her day?
"My man makes me breakfast in bed every day. A big fruit platter with papaya, mango, melon, kiwi, banana, and I eat a huge thing of that and then bagels and capers. That's what I get every morning and then, after half an hour, I do some Pilates and then get on with the day."
How it feel to be Nobel Peace Prize nominee?
"It was obviously fantastic. It was mainly the land mine cause that got the nomination and that was the most important thing. A lot of people were involved; it is never down to one person. You can't take the credit for such an important, huge cause."
Who inspires Heather?
"The women who have inspired me the most in the world are the Cambodians and the Vietnamese because they just work so hard, they look after their families and never complain. The one time that they can get down is if they lose a limb, more so than anywhere else, because it is so frowned upon in their society in terms of being marriage material. . . . Also the women of India. They don't have as much of a problem with land mines, but the earthquakes have been quite devastating."
How has her life changed after Sept. 11?
"I knew things were getting back to normal in New York when the taxi drivers started trying to run you over again. There have to be constant reminders and we have to be aware of what is going on around the world. If we're not, these disasters are going to keep happening because there is so much anger toward the Western world. At the moment there are 53 wars in the world and the Western society probably knows about six or seven of them."
What's next for Heather?
"I'm backstage right now. Paul is going on in about an hour. We're gigging around America at the moment and I'm focusing on Adopt-A-Minefield to make sure that the land mines are cleared away. At the moment I'm trying to raise money and if anyone wants to help, go to Twenty dollars makes a child walk again. Not a huge amount of money, but it will change a child's life."

(kindly submitted by PLUGGED correspondent Joan M. Hopkins)


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