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Wings Over America
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2002-Mar-24: Sir Paul Attends the Academy Awards Festivities

Updated March 28. Sir Paul made his first Oscar appearance at the 74th annual Academy Awards ceremony today.   Before the ceremony Sir Paul, in his black suit and tee-shirt, was easy to spot in the sea of white shirts, bow ties and tuxedos as he made his way down the red carpet to enter the Kodak Theater.  Heather's daring black floral lace sequined frock was borrowed from the collection of Bruce Oldfield.  The television cameras caught Sir Paul as he made his way down the red carpet and stopped to introduce Heather Mills to Robert Redford.  Sir Paul also paused to grant a few short interviews, such as these words he had to share with the NBC Today show's Jill Rappaport:
RAPPAPORT: I understand you decided at the last minute to perform.

SIR PAUL: It's the Oscars, you got to come, haven't you?

RAPPAPORT: You can't say no?

SIR PAUL: You can't say no to Oscar.

Once inside the theater, one had many opportunities to catch glimpses of Sir Paul seated in the audience just behind the Beautiful Mind contingent during the longest Oscar telecast on record - 4 hours and 23 minutes.

Of course, one of the highlights of the evening was Sir Paul's performance of this Academy Award nominated song, Vanilla Sky.  As the New York Daily News wrote, his performance "crackled with charisma".   When asked if he was nervous performing in front of a billion people, Sir Paul replied:

"No, you know, I put that out of my mind. It really was just an audience, pretty cool audience, but I was just determined to kind of get on there and just enjoy doing my song. And that's what I did. I did it for Heather. I sang it to her."
Following the ceremony, Sir Paul and Heather stopped at the dazzling Vanity Fair party at Morton's.  There he was asked if he had a favorite moment from the awards show.  He replied:
"A favorite moment from the show was ... um ...."

"Sidney Poitier," Heather offered.

Sir Paul agreed, "Sidney was very good.  Robert (Redford) was very good.  Woody (Allen) was good.  Cirque de Soleil was good.  And I wasn't bad.  I was pretty good!" he added with a smile.

And how did he feel about losing the Oscar to Randy Newman?  Sir Paul replied:
"If you had to lose to anyone, Randy is the man.  I'll get over it."
After burning up the dance floor at the Vanity Fair party, Sir Paul and Heather moved around the corner to join more stars at Elton John's AIDS Foundation party at Moomba in West Hollywood.  The couple entered via a side entrance to avoid the media.  Sir Paul was greeted with a giant hug from Sir Elton.  At this party, Sir Paul was seen dancing with Anastacia to the sound of Ryan Adam's unique mix of country rock.  Sir Paul and Heather celebrated well into the early morning hours. The party raised more than $500,000 for the charity, doubling last year's festivities.

(kindly submitted by PLUGGED correspondent Joan M. Hopkins)


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