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Wings Over America
Wings Over America
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2002-Feb-10: Sir Paul Talks Sports

Page 22 of the February 18, 2002 issue of People magazine features a color photo of Sir Paul proudly displaying his Super Bowl security badge.  The article includes a "pop quiz" in which Sir Paul was asked some questions about American sports.

For example, what does he eat during a football game?

"I normally don't eat at the games. If I do, I'll have a beer or something and some pretzels. That's American enough for me!"
Did he place any bets on the Super Bowl?
 "No, I don't really know enough about it. "
How long has he followed football?
 "I've been watching it for a long time, on TV mainly. I've only been to one game -- a college game in Arizona."
Does he understand the game?
 "I didn't understand the game at first, being from England. I was like...why are they all running around?  Linda said, 'No, just watch the quarterback. See? He's throwing the pass.' The minute I had that bit of advice, I thought, 'Okay, I get it'."
Did Sir Paul enjoy the World Series game he attended in New York city last year?
"I like big games, important games. There's such a sense of occasion. I loved the people at that game. It was the day after the Madison Square Garden concert where I introduced Freedom. I went to the restroom halfway through, and a lot of guys in the crowd were yelling out, "Hey, Paul, [singing] FREEDOM!" It was great. That is what I hoped to do.  To make a simple song to raise people's spirits at that terrible time.
"This is not just a sort of political debate. This atrocious act actually threatens the one thing Americans hold dear, which is liberty.  I get stopped in the street a lot, people saying, 'Hey, Paul, thanks for what you're doing for the city.' And I say, 'It's my privilege'."

(kindly submitted by PLUGGED correspondent Joan M. Hopkins)


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