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Wings Over America
Wings Over America
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2002-Feb-05: On the Football Field with ET and Access Hollywood

"Great crowd, great event, a great cause .... Freedom!"   Those were the remarks Sir Paul shared with Entertainment Tonight when they caught up with him as he hurried through corridors of the Superdome moments after his pre-game performance.

Earlier in the afternoon, ET joined Sir Paul following his Super Bowl rehearsal and learned that he received more than a kiss from Heather as he left the stage. When asked if she had offered him some kind of advice, Sir Paul replied:

"Are you kidding?  She's a woman.  She ALWAYS gives me some kind of advice.  It was good.  It was just a little thing at the end of the playback and we just didn't hold a chord long enough and she noticed."
On Sunday afternoon, Access Hollywood's Nancy O'Dell was also given the opportunity to chat with Sir Paul after his rehearsal for his pre-Super Bowl appearance.  She asked him about the experience of being electronically searched by security officers has he entered the Superdome. Everyone entering the stadium was screened via X-rays, metal detectors, physical searches and even face-recognition technology.
"Yes they had to pat me down and I go off like beep, beep, beep everywhere. But the guy said, 'That's okay'."
Nancy reported that Sir Paul could hardly contain his excitement when he heard a recording of himself singing Can't Buy Me Love over the Superdome's speakers.  She told him it was so much fun watching him rehearse - that he looked just like a kid in a candy store.  Sir Paul agreed:
" Oh, boy.  That's me.  I love it.  I've always loved what I do."
Access Hollywood showed scenes of Sir Paul smiling and chatting with the cheerleaders before he run on to the stage for his performance.   Nancy reported that when Sir Paul sang his Freedom anthem, he held the huge Super Bowl crowd in the palm of his hand.



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