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Wings Over America
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2001-Nov-30: "I am devastated"

An understandably emotional Sir Paul emerged from his St. John's Wood home in north-west London this morning to speak to reporters about the loss of his dear friend, George Harrison.  Here are some of the thoughts he shared with them:
"I am devastated and very, very sad.  He was a lovely guy and a very brave man and had a wonderful sense of humor. He is really just my baby brother."

"He was a great guy, full of love for humanity but he didn't suffer fools gladly.  He's a great man. He'll be sorely missed by everyone."

"He will be missed sorely by all his friends and loved ones. I'd like to ask that everyone, mainly the media, treat Olivia and Dhani with great kindness at this very difficult time."

 "I've known George forever and he's a really beautiful guy who I love dearly."

 "He had a long battle with his cancer and I saw him a few weeks ago and he was full of fun and he always was. He's a brave lad. "

 "To me he's just my little baby brother - we grew up together and I knew him in my old home town of Liverpool and we just had  so many beautiful times together and that's what I'm going to remember him by."

 "A lovely guy who is full of humor as I was saying. When I saw him last time he was obviously very unwell but he was cracking jokes like he always was and he'll be sorely missed."

"I remember all the beautiful times we had together and I'd like to remember him like that because I know he would like to be remembered like that."

 "He's a beautiful man. The world will miss him."

Sir Paul said that although he was aware of the seriousness of George's illness, he still held on to the hope that some sort of miracle might happen.

Shortly after meeting with the reporters, Sir Paul and Heather drove away from his home in a blue Mercedes.

Later in the day, Sir Paul issued the following statement:

"Luckily Heather and I saw him a couple of weeks ago and true to form he was laughing and joking. George was a very brave man with a heart of gold but also someone who didn't suffer fools gladly.  I'll miss him and will always remember that without George it all wouldn't have been possible.  I'll always love him, he's my baby brother."
Sir Paul was scheduled to travel to Manchester today to be honored as the first person to be inducted into the Top Of The Pops Hall Of Fame.  Although has decided not to attend the ceremony this evening, Sir Paul has contacted the BBC to discuss his intentions to accept the award in George's name.

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