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Wings Over America
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2001-Nov-09: Driving Rain a Positive Album

Sir Paul is granting many interviews this week to promote his new Driving Rain album.  This particular interview took place in an office building he recently purchased in New York City's midtown Manhattan.  Although Driving Rain is the first collection of original rock music he has released since losing Linda, it is not a collection of sad songs.  Sir Paul said that has mourned Linda in music in his classical works, without words, "I just know that there were times when writing that music helped pull me through."  This, however, is a positive album, more about recovery than grief:
 "Some people I've talked to thought it might be kind of a somber album, a missing you kind of album, but I found when I wrote one or two pieces with Linda in mind that I wanted to remember the good things, the positive.  I'm not a very pessimistic person about things. I always try and rationalize things. I try to find a positive side. Even something bad, I will think, 'This might have happened for a reason.' You don't always know the reason, but I will try to find it.

"I think if you're happy making a record, then it shows.  For many years, I preferred to think that it doesn't.  You could be in the studio having a bad time and still make an OK record. But in some ways, I think this stuff leaks off the
record into the homes of the buyers.

"I went through a phase of thinking, 'what would they like, or what would the critics like, What, critically, would be judged the perfect thing for me to do now?' I found out that not only did I not like it, the critics didn't even like it.  I basically write now for myself, because I figure if I like it, there's a good chance that somebody else might.

"One of the things that began when we were doing Run Devil Run was me remembering that I'm the bass player. It's simple and satisfying. I sing and I play bass."

VH1 executive Bill Flanagan, author of a book about song writing, Written in My Soul, says:
 "This album is about picking up and carrying on.  But I don't think it's, 'all I have to do is whistle. He's carrying on with the full burden of what he's been through. If you go a little bit under the surface, the themes of redemption and perseverance are running through these songs.

"I love the guy when he's playing with some wildness and it's not too polished.  You feel like you're catching these songs as they're being created, not reworking something that's been gone over and over."

(kindly submitted by PLUGGED correspondent Joan M. Hopkins)


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