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Wings Over America
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2001-Nov-08: "It's Getting Better and Better"

In an interview with The Express, Sir Paul spoke for the first time about his children's difficult adjustment to his relationship with Heather Mills:
"In the beginning, losing Linda was a terrible tragedy for all of us. For the kids, it was very, very difficult.  And when, after 15 months, I found Heather they found it difficult - just the idea of me being with another woman.  But since then they've realized that what they really want is my happiness. And Heather makes me happy. As each day goes by, they get better and better and better and they understand and we now have a great relationship. It was difficult at the beginning, like it would be for anyone, but it's got better and better. And they're great kids."
In the beginning, the relationship was difficult for Sir Paul as well because he was still grieving for Linda:
"For the first six months, I was pretty much crying every day.  She was very supportive. But she was, like, 'No, I understand what you're going through,' That pretty much cemented our relationship. Otherwise it wouldn't have worked."
Sir Paul also revealed that meeting Heather has inspired him to write songs again:
"In Heather's case it's love songs I've written since we've got together just because being in love with her makes me want to write songs.  I'm not surprised I fell in love with her. A lot of people at the time said that if you've known great love it's more likely that you will meet someone. People who've known great love often can love again. So I was really just open to whatever happened."
Was it difficult for Sir Paul to write the songs for Linda on the new album?
  "If you're a lucky guy like I am it's not hard. For Linda's songs I was writing about the positive aspects of how lucky I was to know her rather than how sad I was to lose her."
This time, when Sir Paul was asked if he will have more children, he replied:
 "It's in the lap of the gods but we haven't made a decision either way."
And why won't he reveal the wedding date?
 "So no one has to lie and we don't have to shoot them."

(kindly submitted by PLUGGED correspondent Joan M. Hopkins)


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