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2001-Nov-07: Sir Paul Talks About His Wedding

Sir Paul told The Mirror that he is anxious and excited about his forthcoming wedding to Heather Mills:
 "We've set the date, but I hope you'll understand if I don't tell you too much more." (This year?) "No, next year. OK? That's all you're going to get!"
In yesterday's interview conducted in Sir Paul's London business office, Sir Paul referred to Heather as  "one of the two great loves of my life".  His other great love, of course, was Linda:
 "I expected to be in a rocking chair aged 80 with Linda. Nothing else had ever occurred to me, but, that wasn't to be. I am not a wildly religious man, but I do in some ways feel that Linda is still here and this is all OK with her.

"In the early days, when I first saw Heather I felt I had to ask Linda if it was all right.  Look, if Linda was still here, she would have my guts for garters if I was seeing another woman. But she's not. And I just know she approves. My relationship with Heather would not seem so right to me otherwise.

"Heather and I have discussed the issue of kids, but as to whether we'll actually have any, I have really no idea.  But I'll tell you this, though: all this does kind of excite me. I just never expected to be going through all this again. I'm nervous and excited about our wedding.  Obviously, there is also a certain amount of trepidation because of who I am. Neither Heather nor I want to feel like hunted foxes on our wedding day. On the other hand, it is hard to keep things private."

The interview also reveals the reason a particular tune on Sir Paul's new Driving Rain album has the title, Heather.  It seems Heather heard Sir Paul working on the tune and asked him if it was a Beatles song:
 "Heather's like that.  We'll hear something like Get Back on the radio and she'll say: 'That's a good song.'  And I'll say: 'Actually, it's quite a well known song and if you're interested, I wrote it!' I love that about her."
The track, Magic, is about the night he met Linda:
 "I often joke to my kids about that.  We were in a club called Bag o' Nails, and saw her, and I did something that even then I didn't tend to do. I went up and started talking to her. So I tell my kids: 'If I hadn't had done that, you lot wouldn't be here!'"
Then he spotted Heather Mills at The Mirror's inaugural Pride of Britain Awards in 1999:
 "To put it bluntly, I fancied her. I hadn't felt that about a woman since I met Linda all those years ago. I would never have been unfaithful to Linda. And I was never the kind of guy who went up to good-looking women and asked for their number, or anything like that.  I went through a year of grieving after Linda died, when I just thought I was certain to live the rest of my life like a monk. Then, with Heather, I felt a bit guilty. But I certainly don't now.  Heather's in America at the moment, doing her charity work for people like her who have lost limbs."
Sir Paul recalled a time he spoke to Heather about the loss of her leg:
 "I said to her: 'You poor thing', but she immediately shut me up. She is very fatalistic and she believes everything happens for a reason. She wouldn't have been at that awards ceremony if it wasn't for her accident and I would never have met her. It has also changed her life in the most amazing way. She is such a great girl - I am so proud of her.

"We recently went on a driving holiday across America in one of those 4x4 Ford Expedition cars. It was great. We just moved across the country, checking into small hotels. We'd hang around in the bars at night, having a few beers and just chatting with people."

Then he spent five rainy weeks in Los Angeles recording rain Driving Rain in the quick, back-to-basics fashion of the early Beatles recording sessions:
 "That's the way we used to do it then and it was good to get back to that."
 Has Sir Paul been in touch with George Harrison?
 "Yes, I spoke to George only recently.  I want to tell you George is great. He's got an indomitable spirit, he's a trouper and he's a lovely guy."
Other friends of George report today that: "George is very sick. He looks like he doesn't have long to go. He is very frail and gaunt. He's nothing like the George Harrison we all remember from the Beatles. The word around the hospital is that the procedure he's having is the last chance at saving his life."

George recently secretly checked in to New York's Staten Island University Hospital under an assumed name.  As of last night he was awaiting revolutionary cancer surgery, called sterotactic radiosurgery under the guidance of world famous specialist Dr. Gil Lederman.  It is hoped that this procedure will restore him to health although, sadly, the survival chances for patients with lung cancer that spreads to the brain are minimal.

George's wife of 22 years, Olivia, is keeping a vigil at his bedside.

(kindly submitted by PLUGGED correspondent Joan M. Hopkins)


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