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2001-Nov-02: Yes, There's a Second Charity Single!

Sir Paul announced today that he is releasing his second charity single in a week to raise money for New York's emergency services.  Freedom will be released on Monday (November 4) in the U.K. just a week after From A Lover To A Friend went on sale in aid of police officers and firefighters affected by the terror attacks of September 11.  Freedom will appear as the B-side of the single From A Lover To A Friend, with a tentative release date of November 13 in the United States, the same day Driving Rain is slated for release. (As reported here on October 25, Freedom will also be included on the new album although the song will not appear on the track listing due to its late addition, but will be stickered as a bonus track instead.)  The single is being rush-released due to popular demand, according to publicist, Geoff Baker.  He said that Sir Paul has been besieged with requests from fans wanting to buy the single.

In a statement issued by Sir Paul he says that he wrote the song on Heather's suggestion following the atrocities they had just witnessed that tragic day in New York city.  The lyrics were inspired by the words of President George W. Bush and New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani:

 "At the time the World Trade Center was attacked Heather and I were on a plane waiting to take off from New York and we witnessed the last moments of the twin towers. Like everyone else in the aftermath of the attacks we heard President Bush and mayor Giuliani talking about freedom and how the attacks were an attack on America's freedom.

We all have a right to a free life and we have to fight for that right and we're such freedom-lovers. I wrote this song at Heather's suggestion.  We hadn't reckoned on this demand for Freedom but as that's what people want we're getting it out fast to try to raise money for the firefighters and police of New York.  It is rather unusual to have two charity singles out within seven days of each other, but I think it is appropriate at this time because we all demand freedom.  The response to Freedom at the New York concert caused a whole new ball game. "

So now EMI record plants around the world are now working around the clock to meet the demand for the second single, which will also feature From A Lover To A Friend. It will be released on Monday in the UK and the following week in the United States.

It was also announced today that Sir Paul's "Concert for New York City has raised $30 million to date for the relief efforts.  "We're delighted the concert has raised such an amazing amount of money," said Anna Byng, spokeswoman for the Robin Hood Relief Fund.
Already, she said, the fund has provided $4.75 million in emergency grants to low-income people affected by the terror attack, as well as families of police, fire and rescue workers. Donations are still being accepted.  

Geoff Baker, who has traveled the world with Sir Paul, said the extraordinary experience of the concert in New York will stay with him forever: "It was very humbling. Meeting the New York firefighters really brought it home to me what they had to face. As Paul said most of us would turn and run from something like that but those people had to run inside."

Columbia Record's double CD from the six-hour concert will go on sale November 27.

(kindly submitted by PLUGGED correspondent Joan M. Hopkins)


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