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Wings Over America
Wings Over America
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2001-Oct-20: The Most Daunting Gig of His Life

Sir Paul says that this evening he is facing the most daunting gig of his life:
"Singing is the only way I know how to help the people of New York. My kids are half American and I was in New York when it happened, so I feel I am connected.  I was sitting on a plane at New York airport and watched it unfold through the windows. It will live with me forever."
His new song, "Freedom" was written they day after the tragedy:
 "I was in New York when it was attacked. Immediately after the disaster I wrote this song which is about our right to live in freedom against any who would attack that right.  The attacks on New York were an attack on that freedom and we have to make a stand against threats like that.  We are not going to buckle under to threats from anyone and all of us here are united in our desire to make this show of solidarity. Freedom is our right and we are pulling together tomorrow in defense of it."
The song "Freedom" is a "Let It Be"-type anthem that says:
"This is a right given by God to live in a free world. 
We're talking about freedom 
And I will fight for the right to live in freedom.  
And anyone who wants to take it away 
Will have to answer because this is my right."
Sir Paul feels sure this will be a very emotional evening with firemen, policemen and relatives of the dead in attendance, but he hopes to raise morale as well as money though this concert:
"People have to keep going at this difficult time. It's going to be emotional just looking at all the firemen and emergency guys in the audience and knowing what they and their families have gone through.  It will be one of the most daunting gigs I have ever done.''

(kindly submitted by PLUGGED correspondent Joan M. Hopkins)


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