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Wings Over America
Wings Over America
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2001-Sep-25: Listen to the upcoming single "From A Lover To A Friend"

You are now officially entitled to listen to Paul's upcoming single "From A Lover To A Friend". Links to real audio and windows media player files can be found on the official homepage: Enjoy!

Additional comments:
Pirated recordings of the US radio premiere of this single have been making their rounds on the internet as a low quality real audio file. Furthermore, high quality MP3s of THE ENTIRE ALBUM have been spotted on a usenet newsgroup. Judging from what we've heard so far, the album "Driving Rain" is going to be what "Flaming Pie" tried to be, but wasn't. This is another McCartney hit album and probably amongst his top five albums - but also a very different one! Now, a rush release seems appropriate - before Russian, Korean and Chinese pirate CD pressings flood the market!

Driving Rain - details:

Driving Rain

Driving Rain

Tr Title Time
1 Lonely Road 3:16
2 From A Lover To A Friend 3:48
3 She's Given Up Talking 4:57
4 Driving Rain 3:27
5 I Do 2:56
6 Tiny Bubble 4:21
7 Magic 3:58
8 Your Way 2:55
9 Spinning On An Axis 5:16
10 About You 2:54
11 Heather 3:25
12 Back In The Sunshine Again 4:22
13 Your Loving Flame 3:43
14 Riding Into Jaipur 4:07
15 Rinse The Raindrops 10:08
16 Freedom  
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(kindly submitted by PLUGGED correspondent Joan M. Hopkins)


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