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Wings Over America
Wings Over America
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2001-Sep-21: Sir Paul in New York City

During a radio interview this morning with New York city's WPLJ (95.5 FM) radio's Scott Shannon and Todd Pettengill, Sir Paul announced that he is planning to stage a concert to benefit New York city's brave firefighters, many of whom lost their lives during the rescue efforts following last week's attacks on the World Trade Center.

Sir Paul is still in New York city.  He was on an airplane about to leave the city on September 11 when the terrorists attacked, forcing all the American airports to close.  Sir Paul has remained in New York city ever since.  He said that he has been deeply touched by the heroic work of the rescue workers "In a way, I was pleased to be here to witness all the heroism."  

Sir Paul said that he has postponed a concert he had planned to hold in Moscow's Red Square because at this particular time it no longer "seemed appropriate".  He will offer the benefit concert in New York instead:

"What I am going to do is a concert here in New York within the next month to benefit all the firemen.  I also have a connection there, because my father was a fireman in Liverpool during World War II.''
During World War II, Sir Paul's father. James,  served a volunteer fireman in Liverpool. Between August 1940 and January 1942, Liverpool endured 68 air raids, which killed or injured more than 4,500 people and destroyed more that 10,000 homes.

Sir Paul ended the interview saying:

"I'd also just like to take a second to say to all the people of New York - God bless everyone and good luck to us all and my thanks to all the heroes and heroines who have been helping with the situation."
God bless you, too, Sir Paul - and thank you!

(kindly submitted by PLUGGED correspondent Joan M. Hopkins)


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