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Wings Over America
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2001-Jul-27: Greeting Their Well-wishers

Sir Paul stepped outside his North London home today with Heather at his side to greet a gathering of the press and the public following the announcement yesterday that the couple are to be wed next year.  Sir Paul, dressed in a casual blue shirt, blue trousers and sandals, beamed with happiness.  Witnesses remarked that Heather, wearing black cords, a sleeveless black blouse and black sandals, seemed noticeably more at ease than her husband-to-be.

Sir Paul encouraged Heather to displayed her engagement ring, a huge sapphire nestled between two large diamonds set in a band of white gold:

"Would you want to show them the ring, darling? Would you like to show them the ring? There it is. It's a sapphire >from India. It's an Indian sapphire.  We're very happy, and we'll get married sometime next year. That's about it."
Heather added, "It was a very romantic proposal.  It just all happened all of a sudden. My brother and sister were very pleased. It was very romantic. I am still in shock but I am really happy."

Sir Paul said that he is "over the moon" about the engagement:

"When I proposed I was a bit nervous but I managed. We've had a good reception from relatives and friends and from the media.... We are standing here for the cameras and we are very happy. We will get married some time next year. We're very happy. That's about it for details."
(The British media are speculating about the details -  that the ceremony will take place in Rye, Sussex, where Sir Paul has his farm, followed by a honeymoon in Montego Bay, Jamaica.)

The couple accepted gifts and flowers from well-wishers, but when the photographers asked the couple to kiss, Heather replied: "We don't kiss on demand, it's spontaneous."  Heather also declared that "I won't be using the title Lady - I'm not into all that pretense."

Then it was time to go.  "We have got to go to work now," said Sir Paul, as he slid into the driver's seat of a green Mercedes estate.  Heather waved good-bye to the well-wishers, giving them another look at her ring.  "Right then, we're off down the boozer," Sir Paul said with a laugh has the happy couple drove away."

(kindly submitted by PLUGGED correspondent Joan M. Hopkins)


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