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Wings Over America
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2001-Jun-04: The Adopt-A-Minefield (UK) Press Conference

Sir Paul paid tribute to the courage of Heather Mills today during a London press conference held to announce the launching of a UK branch of the Adopt-A-Minefield campaign:

 "She's a very brave girl.  She will go into earthquake scenes and minefields because she cares very much about it. She's very brave and very courageous, so I admire her - but I worry when she goes to these dangerous places. But we have great discussions about it."

As Adopt-A-Minefield UK patrons, Sir Paul and Heather Mills have paid to have a 16,000 square meter area in the village of Paulin Dvor, East Croatia cleared of land mines. They have also contributed to similar programs in Afghanistan, Bosnia, Cambodia and Mozambique.

Sir Paul stated that they are continuing the anti-landmine work of the late Diana, Princess of Wales:

 "I think because she (Princess Diana) was the very last high-profile person who got involved, the moment she died so tragically the issue fell asleep. There was no one who could follow her.  Heather was involved before Princess Diana got involved.  I think if something needs to be reawoken you can't let issues like this go to sleep because you haven't got a high-profile celebrity."

He said it was through Heather's involvement that he became interested in the cause:

"I just started to realize that war was one thing - if a country is attacked then it will want to defend itself. But when the war is over, the pity is that it gets left behind with land mines. I think that isn't brave. I think even the bravest of soldiers wouldn't want that.  Our role is to try to persuade governments that leaving the war behind is a cowardly idea. At the moment it's up to us at Adopt-A-Minefield to do that clearance and I don't think it should be."

Sir Paul also had a message for President George W. Bush:

 "I would like to say to Bush 'get with the program and let's ban land mines'."

Sir Paul added that he may also be taking part in a benefit concert to be held in Los Angeles:

"It's for a great cause and everything I can do to help, I will."

(kindly submitted by PLUGGED correspondent Joan M. Hopkins)


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