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Wings Over America
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2001-May-09: Songs for Heather

An article in the British Express reports that Sir Paul admits that he has found a new muse to inspire the love songs that will appear on his next solo album:

"When Linda and I were together all the love songs were basically for her.  That was like 30 years' worth.  And then since her death, for about the first year and a half, they were still about Linda.  I certainly have written things consciously about Linda since she died. For the new album there are a couple of pieces about that.
But now some of them are about my new relationship with Heather Mills.  It's whoever I'm feeling strongly about."

He reports that his four children are now supportive of the relationship:

"That I was having any relationship was weird because they were used to me just being with their mum for 30 years.  So the idea of a new relationship was very puzzling and confusing, but I started to see someone I liked and started getting into a relationship.  And then I think the big shock for them was her age - that's she's actually younger than one of them; than my daughter Heather, strangely enough.  But I think they dealt with it very well, actually. I think anyone who knows these situations knows this isn't easy for anyone and that after a marriage of 30 years it was never going to be easy.  But we got through the worst phase and they're very mature, my kids.  If Heather and I are to have a good, permanent relationship, I know the kids will be there for us."

"She's very strong. She's very determined. She had to be strong to have got over what she's got over. But she's strong in a very good way. A very positive person.

"When Linda was ill it triggered memories of my mum.  I tried to put it into the back of my mind because we were always hoping that Linda wouldn't die."

And what about that collaboration with George Harrison?

"George would have to want it.  The thing is we had the opportunity during the Beatles and we never picked it up, so maybe that was something."

So after the music, the painting, the poetry, what can we look forward to next?

"I've always wanted to do my own full-length animated film so I'm kind of working on one at the moment. Linda and I were big Disney fans."

(kindly submitted by PLUGGED correspondent Joan M. Hopkins)


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