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Wings Over America
Wings Over America
(2013 Remaster)

2001-May-04: GMA, part 5

The final installment of the interview opens with Sir Paul recalling some memorable messages:

"I often say that I should write a book, you know, Massages of the World, because I've--I've known some quite spooky ones. And three of them come in this poem. The first one refers to a Japanese lady who showed up in Tokyo. And she laid me on the floor and was starting to massage me. And then she started, (singing) 'Yestehday all my twoubles seemed so fah.' I'm going, 'Oh no.'

"And the second one was in Buenos Aires. This lady's idea of a massage was
to lie you between the twin beds, you have to lie down with her. So I felt like, you know, we--we should be married to do this.

"And then there was a New Orleans guy who was priceless. He--he started
talking to me while he was massaging me. He said, 'I want you to imagine
your leg as hollow and made of bronze.' And then he finally says to--to me,
'Look into my eyes and try and burn a hole in my eyes.' And I'm going, 'Oh,
God, here we go again.' You know, specialty act. I just want a massage. I
just want to rub the muscles, please. But some of them have these ideas. So
it became a poem. It's called "Masseuse, Masseur."

(Reading) "Ah so, Japanese masseuse, lie me on a towel, and work me till
I'm loose. Hold my hand, and sing me "Yesterday." Lie, Argentinian
masseuse, beside me on the floor, and work me till I'm loose, making
moaning noises. We'll play girls and boys, is anyone at home? Oh, you New
Orleans masseur, lie me on a table and work me till I'm loose. Imagine my
leg as hollow bronze, my neck like a giraffe, and I will burn a hole in
your eyes, till someone comes to blow the candle out."

(kindly submitted by PLUGGED correspondent Joan M. Hopkins)


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