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Wings Over America
Wings Over America
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2001-Mar-21: Backstage Jitters

This evening Sir Paul McCartney confessed that he's a bit anxious about making his debut as a poetry reader as he prepared to go on stage at the Everyman Theatre in Liverpool, England:

"I've got a bit of first night nerves because I've never done it before.  It's not like singing. I hope it's going to go well. I'm just going to wing it as usual. I am used to standing with a guitar in front of me, so we will see. I am going to be naked."

Have the critics been kind?

"The critics are always mixed with me.  I always say they sharpen their pencils when they see me coming. But I don't care, you know, they criticized Sergeant Pepper and look what happened to that."

Many of the poems being read this evening were inspired by the loss of his beloved Linda, "a feeling would just come onto the page".

Does he have a favorite?

"I don't have a favorite poem. I love them all.  Each day there is a different favorite."

During the rehearsal, Sir Paul was asked how he liked the band Hear'Say of TV's Popstars (their debut single Pure and Simple went straight to number one this week, the third fastest selling record of all time).

 "Popstars is what it is. They are kids looking for a break. I wish them the best luck in the world. They will need it."

(kindly submitted by PLUGGED correspondent Joan M. Hopkins)


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