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Wings Over America
Wings Over America
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2000-Dec-14: "It's just like the Sixties again!"

"It's just like the Sixties again. Beatlemania is Back!" proclaimed Sir Paul as paparazzi snapped, fans screamed, and young girls collapsed in tears at his first-ever book signing at Waterstone's in Picadilly, London yesterday.  Sir Paul's reaction:

" I can't quite believe it.   It's madness.  They're all here for me and it brings back some memories.   This is my first-ever book signing and it's a bit crazy, but everyone else does them so I thought, 'Why not?' "

Faithful McCartney fans braved the frosty gales and stormy rain waiting in an endless line for an opportunity to meet Sir Paul.  Even though he started off the signing at top speed - about one every 25 seconds - not everyone was able to enter the store in time.  However, the thoughtful knight had made a contingency plan: "I've actually signed some other copies for the people who didn't get in," he said afterwards.

The signing provided some interesting remarks:

"I have always loved drawing and painting and stuff. I just like it - I don't know why.  When I turned 40 someone said life begins at 40, so I started painting. It's not the first string to my bow - I'm still a musician.  I love that, but I love the painting as well and finally I was persuaded to do a show."

He laughed  off the "snotty critics" saying: "I don't care about them anyway."

Does Sir Paul have marriage plans?

 "We aren't planning on getting married at the moment but that's not to say we won't some time down the line.  I'm looking forward to a lovely Christmas and New Year with Heather."

And what does he think about his chart-topping Beatles greatest hits album  1 ?

"The success of  1 is fantastic and I'm extremely chuffed after all these years that the record is the top of the hit parade.  We've been #1 in 28 countries and it shows everyone still loves us.   It's a lovely touch that we're #1 on the anniversary of John's death.  He would have loved that - I know he would.  It could be the biggest-selling album of all time and that would be very special .  It feels like Beatlemania is back.   It's a really good little album and they are well structured songs.  We were a great group, but we can't re-form.  There's only three of us left."

(kindly submitted by PLUGGED correspondent Joan M. Hopkins)


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