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2000-Nov-24: Remembering Lovely Linda, the Animal's Angel

Cherie Blair (the Prime Minister's wife and Liverpool native) officially opened a 4 million cancer centre named after Linda McCartney.   The unit admitted its first patients last month - some seven years after the Forget-Me-Not Appeal was launched raising the 4 million needed to open the state-of-the-art facility.

Sir Paul McCartney was unable to attend the official opening ceremony but sent a message which was read out by Lord Alton, chair of the Forget-Me-Not Appeal:

"I'm sorry I couldn't be there today but I knew my fellow scouser Cherie Blair would do a good job. Please send my best wishes to everyone concerned for a very successful day.  Thank them for the honour they have done my family by naming the centre after our lovely Linda."

Mrs. Blair added that she knew how proud Sir Paul McCartney was of the centre named after his late wife: "I know it is wonderful for them to know Linda's name lives on in a place so associated with McCartneys."

The memorials to Linda have not stopped there.  The world has learned that Sir Paul has established the Animals Angel Project now that 20 animal shelters throughout Great Britain have received large cash donations to encourage them in their work.  One such donation was recently received by the Woodside Animal Welfare Trust along with a letter signed by Sir Paul in which he wrote:

"In memory of my late wife Linda, I am inaugurating The Animals Angel Project whereby we, her family, send a donation to selected animal shelters to help them continue their great work. Please find enclosed a cheque for GBP 5,000 which we are sending with thanks for the invaluable work you do on behalf of our animal friends."

In return for the donation, the charity was asked to post a simple wooden or brass plaque on its grounds inscribed with the words "In memory of Linda McCartney: The Animal's Angel".

Geoff Baker, spokesman for Sir Paul, further explained: "This is something Paul wanted to do. He wanted to help the smaller charities and sanctuaries which might otherwise have been overlooked. Paul feels the same way about animals as Linda did. This is one way of helping to continue the work Linda did."

(kindly submitted by PLUGGED correspondent Joan M. Hopkins)


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