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Wings Over America
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2000-Jun-12: New Paul Song "Maybe Baby"

Maybe Baby OSTThe Soundtrack album to the new UK movie "Maybe Baby" contains a new song by Paul McCartney: "Maybe Baby."

Paul's cover version of this well-known song really rocks. Unfortunately this soundtrack album has only been released in the United Kingdom (on 5 June, 2000).

You can order it from England by using this link.

Here's the tracklisting: 

1. Maybe Baby -- Paul McCartney
2. Unforgivable Sinner -- Lene Marlin
3. Suddenly Monday -- Melanie C
4. I Don't Wanna Fight -- Westlife
5. Cry Like A Baby -- Kasey Chambers
6. Pump It Up -- Elvis Costello
7. Comedy -- Shack
8. I Can't Make You Love Me -- George Michael
9. Cradle -- Atomic Kitten
10. Dont Call Me Baby -- Madison Avenue
11. Chorus 2000 -- Gold n Delicious
12. Do The Strand -- Roxy Music
13. This Love -- Birth
14. All I Need -- Tin Tin Out
15. Lately More Than Ever -- Hobotalk
16. It Must Be Love -- Madness

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