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Wings Over America
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2000-Mar-18: Paul admits "we are an item"; Paul tops britpop rich list

Paul admits "we are an item"

Walking hand-in-hand through London's Regent's Park, Paul and Heather Mills were spotted by the press, and Paul had this statement to make: "We are a couple, an item, and have just been on holiday together. She's a very impressive woman. We are already very close and are hoping to grow even closer but it's still fairly early days. It began as a friendship, we grew close doing charity work together, but has now grown into more than that and I'm delighted."

Paul had previously denied his relation with the 32-year-old Mills, who has lost a leg in an accident with a police motorcycle six years ago. According to press reports, Paul was "deeply moved" when he first met Heather at a charity event in May last year, where she presented an award to a woman who had lost all her arms and legs.

Paul's further quoted: "Things have developed at a leisurely pace and, to be honest, we'd like to think that they will continue to do so. I'm not a politician or a spy or anything like that so I really would like to ask for a bit of privacy - the last thing we need is photographers jumping out of bushes every time we go out for a stroll together.
        If this is going to develop, it's got to be given time and space. I hope the media will respect that and I don't think anyone would like to think that their money is being used to pay photographers to stalk Heather and I. That sort of thing could wreck what we've got."

Editor's note: This is the first report on this romance on this site - we did not want to spread any rumors. Now that this is official, we can talk openly about the romance. It is not known when it really started, but reportedly, Heather had been a regular visitor to Paul's Sussex farm since November. They've spent New Year's Eve together, and they were recently spotted on vacation in the Caribbean. Heather also accompanied Paul last week when he was spotted dancing on a bar in America.

Paul tops britpop rich list

Since people keep emailing the webmaster about such things - here's a report, although I feel this stuff is very speculative and maybe far from actual facts:

Reportedly, Paul once again tops the updated "Sunday Times Rich List" - at least in the music field. He's number 41in the overall list. The report lists him as having earned 50 million last year, making his total fortune a stunning 550 million (approx. US$860 million). For those who don't know, Paul is into very successful music publishing. His company MPL owns the rights to many music catalogs, amongst them many all-time classics like the Buddy Holly catalog, or "Unchained Melody", to name a few. He does not, however, own the rights to most of his own Beatles songs, but that's a very long story!


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