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Wings Over America
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2000-Feb-02: Paul at NME Music Awards; Paul on VIP

Paul at NME Music Awards

Today (February 1st 2000) Paul appeared at the N.M.E. Premier Music Awards on behalf of The Beatles, to pick up a trophy for "The Best Band in the World Ever" as voted by the readers of the magazine. The ceremony took place at London's "Mermaid Theatre".

(N.M.E. standing for "New Musical Express" for those unaware, Englands top weekly music magazine for almost 50 years, and in fact the producers of the first ever chart in this country on 14th November 1952).

On receiving the trophy, Paul said; "oh-oh-oh, Thank you everyone, Thank you NME readers, Thank you John, George, Ringo."

Then in an interview afterwards for London Independent Television News, he said, "It's really good because it's voted for by the readers. You know sometimes when it's academy members or panels, you gotta suspect it a bit, but when it's readers, and when it's 30 years later then we were playing, it's pretty astounding you know."

The Interviewer then asked, "Is it not depressing that 30 years later there hasn't been anyone else who's come anywhere near you as best group ?"

To which Paul replied, "No it's good. We were just good. We were just a hell of a good band, so there's been plenty of people who've come near us. I mean it's easy to talk immodestly about The Beatles, but you've kinda got to, because we were bloody good !"

"As it's SIR Paul McCartney, we`ll allow him the "B" word" !", said the presenter as the TV production signed off.

For NME website results listing see :

And for live webcast of the awards at 20:00hrs TONIGHT  

[Graham Calkin]

Paul on VIP

You might have heard rumors a few months ago that Paul McCartney would be making an appearance on Pamela Anderson Lee's TV series, "VIP." Well, it's true!

According to Lee's office, the episode will air the week beginning Saturday February 5, likely repeating sometime within the following seven days, as well (In Los Angeles, it airs Sunday February 6, with a repeat the following Saturday night at 12:30). Check your local listings for local broadcast times.

The episode is called "All You Need Is Val." Pamela's character, Val, and her VIP protection agency are called on to provide services at an important Hollywood awards ceremony - at which Paul McCartney will be the headlining attraction (sound familiar?). There's a bomb scare, and, Val and her associate Nikki go to handle the situation. At the end of the show, Paul gives Val an award for saving the day.

The footage is actually taken from Paul's appearance at the PETA Millenium Gala last September, through the kind permission of PETA and MPL. You'll recall that Paul, indeed, did present Pamela an award during the ceremony - the first ever Linda McCartney Memorial Award.

[Matt Hurwitz Publisher Good Day Sunshine Magazine]

Wingspan - Wings Anthology

Apparently, the Wings Anthology, that has reportedly been in the works since about 1997, titled "Wingspan", "has been completed for distribution worldwide in perpetuity on all forms of media known or hereinafter created", according to Juggler Films (a subsidiary of MPL). People who have followed MPL's call and submitted rare material of their personal collection have received letters if their material is actually being used in the documentary.


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