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Wings Over America
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2000-Jan-16: News Update

Paul donates $2m for breast cancer research

Paul McCartney has recently donated a "substantial" sum to two U.S. medical centers for research into the disease without animal testing. He's quoted "I have given this oney on behalf of our family in memory of our lovely Linda and so that others may be given the chance to live without animals dying. This donation is given on the understanding that none of the money is used in animal testing."
According to Paul's office the donation was “in excess of $2 million” and would be divided between the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in New York and the Arizona Cancer Center in Tucson.

Paul McCartney's Routes of Rock on American radio

Paul McCartney's October/November radio series, "Paul McCartney's Routes of Rock," which aired on the BBC World Serice, will finally make an appearance on American radio. The program will be broadcast over two successive weeks on Westwood One Network's "The Beatle Years Series." The show will air during the two weeks of Monday January 17 and Monday January 24 (depending on when the program airs in your area - in Los Angeles, for instance, the first of the two parts will air on Sunday January 23rd, with part two coming the following Sunday January 30).

"Routes of Rock" features Paul playing dee-jay for us - introducing more of his favorite old classics - the kind found on "Run Devil Run" - and talking about their influence on him and The Beatles. He also introduces songs off "Run Devil Run" itself, giving background on each of the songs.

The original series aired as five 1/2-hour shows on the BBC. The syndicated version, as appearing on Westwood One, is taken from two one-hour shows offered for use in other countries, such as in America.

Matt Hurwitz Publisher Good Day Sunshine Magazine

Paul in Cuba?

Found this on VIVA-TV's teletext service today:

119 VIVA TEXT 16.01. 18:25:10

Paul McCartney. Nach seiner
Trauerpause kommt Macca wie-
der so richtig in Schwung -
aktuell ist er mal eben nach
Kuba gejettet. Allerdings
nicht, um sich an karibisch-
en Stränden zu sonnen, son-
dern um vor Ort intensive
Studien über traditionelle
kubanische Musik zu betrei-

This rougly translates
Paul's back into activities - currently he's jetted to Cuba for a change. Not to sun bathe at carribean beaches, but to conduct intensive studies on traditional cuban music on site.


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