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Wings Over America
Wings Over America
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1999-Dec-14: Cavern Club Gig

The concert was finished after 50 minutes. Paul and Band performed: Honey Hush Blue Jean Bop Brown Eyed Handsome Man Fabulous What It Is Lonesome Town Twenty Flight Rock No Other Baby Try Not To Cry Shake A Hand All Shook Up I Saw Her Standing There (Let's Have A) Party

As expected, the internet transmission was not available for everyone. Those who where lucky to get hold of a feed actually got to hear and to see Paul quite well. Of course the "on demand" streams after the show work better (very excellent) - check with (available until Sunday 19 December!) or (probably no longer available).

As reported earlier, the concert was aired on BBC radio the same night, and it was broadcast on TV the following day.

We got to see a very energetic Paul rocking at his best. There were occasional problems with Paul hitting high notes, as well as one false-start, but overall Paul's performance was just great.

Here's some pictures from the event:

00.jpg 21772 bytes
Paul arrives - and shakes hands through the open car window

02.jpg 18995 bytes
Paul talks to the media

03.jpg 21021 bytes
The audience enters The Cavern Club

04.jpg 14375 bytes
She said she's won these tickets on the internet

01.jpg 16091 bytes
The party begins ...
05.jpg 12347 bytes
06.jpg 12029 bytes
08.jpg 14822 bytes
07.jpg 20768 bytes
half Liverpool was outside watching on the huge video screen


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