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Wings Over America
Wings Over America
(2013 Remaster)

1999-Dec-11: Paul live on "Wetten, dass...?"

Paul McCartney live on "Wetten, dass...?" - for the 3rd time - what an event. There isn't awfully much to report, except that the conversation with the host Thomas Gottschalk before the bet was a little strange, that the bet itself was embarrasing since it did not take place because of the weather conditions, and that Paul's "live" performance of "No Other Baby" was a little odd since it was mimed, and since the lead guitarrist was missing. Paul did not announce another world tour, if you've been waiting for that. No itchy nose either! ;-) He was on the show quite early since he had to leave immediately after his performance to be in Liverpool in time for his "Cavern Millenium Gig."

Here we have some video stills for you, with occasional annotations. Enjoy!

01.jpg 25291 bytes
Paul arrives on stage
02.jpg 12033 bytes
welcomed by host Thomas Gottschalk
03.jpg 17106 bytes
04.jpg 30876 bytes
model Nadja Auermann to the left
05.jpg 24044 bytes
06.jpg 21736 bytes
07.jpg 29234 bytes
08.jpg 20493 bytes
09.jpg 24727 bytes
Klaus Voormann made a drawing for charity
10.jpg 15186 bytes
Paul signs it
11.jpg 29196 bytes
it's a drawing of a younger Paul
12.jpg 12170 bytes
to be auctioned off to help the Lakota indians
13.jpg 30495 bytes
Paul and Thomas browse the "Hamburg Days" book
14.jpg 17916 bytes
stage setup for "No Other Baby"
15.jpg 21848 bytes
a mimed performance - but where's Dave Gilmour?
16.jpg 13474 bytes
17.jpg 16790 bytes
Paul plays his famous Höfner Bass
18.jpg 21761 bytes
19.jpg 25221 bytes
20.jpg 25477 bytes
21.jpg 33696 bytes
rear view
22.jpg 15195 bytes
23.jpg 29648 bytes
24.jpg 23948 bytes
25.jpg 16975 bytes
now isn't he a cutie?
27.jpg 26801 bytes
Paul has to sign a special Mercedes, like many celebs already have
26.jpg 19149 bytes
it is put on auction. "Paul McCartney WOZ ERE!"
28.jpg 23425 bytes
Paul leave to catch his plane to England

Cavern Club Gig

Matt Hurwitz tells us:

"Here are the current details regarding the broadcast and webcast of Paul's upcoming performance at The Cavern in Liverpool on Tuesday December 14, per MPL, The Cavern and EMI:

        The show will begin around 8:00 or 8:30pm GMT. It will be broadcast live on the internet worldwide, and will air on British radio with a slight delay, and on British television the following evening.

[For those of us outside the UK, 8pm GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) = 3pm Eastern Time US = 12 noon Pacific Time US ]

        Internet:  The webcast will begin at 8pm GMT, and continue live through til the end of the show (about 10:30pm GMT). 1/2 hour after the show has ended, EMI and MSN will make the program available for *ON DEMAND* viewing for the following 15 hours, after which it will no longer be available.

        The webcast will offer both audio and video, and will be available live at 28.8 kbps and 56 kbps, while the On Demand feed will also be available at 80 kbps (handy for those with ISDN or a cable modem). It will be viewable using either RealPlayer or Windows MediaPlayer.

        Anyone who has attempted to view live webcasts (particularly Paul's) has experienced the overload caused by the huge demand, often resulting in a "Net Congestion" message and not much else. While we all want to join Paul live to experience the event while it's happening, viewers might have a little better luck viewing the On Demand feed later in the day, if possible, since most of the world will be attempting to tune in live. That's up to the individual, of course.

Radio: The concert will be broadcast on Tuesday evening on BBC Radio 2 from 10:30pm to 12:00 midnight GMT. It will be hosted by Richard Allison

Television: The concert will be broadcast on BBC1 on Wednesday evening December 15 at 11:15pm

At present, there are no plans for broadcast outside the UK, either on radio or television.

Be sure and check Paul's official website, too, for any additional information as the show approaches: "

Two Cavern Tickets available for auction

        Reportedly, fans from all over the world have been offering $30,000 vacations, free sex and the like, just for a chance to get a ticket. But the 150 tickets are given away for free via the raffle, and they cannot be given away to other persons since IDs will be checked.


These are official tickets - proceeds will go to charity.

Product Description

Two tickets to see Sir Paul McCartney at the Cavern Club on Tuesday 14th December 1999. The first time Sir Paul has played at the club since he was part of the Fab Four. All proceeds go to The Linda McCartney Centre at the Royal Liverpool Hospital. To make your night even more memorable we will collect you in a chaufferdriven Mercedes (providing that you live within 150 miles of Liverpool) and will take you for a champagne meal at the Formby Hall Golf Club prior to the concert. We will then transfer you to the concert and take you home after the event. Bidding is for the pair of tickets. Tickets must be collected from Liverpool. Many thanks for your support of the Linda McCartney Centre7

Shipping terms: Auction open to the world but winner must collect tickets in person in Liverpool

Item location: Liverpool

The auction is running on

Paul Videos on the Web

        Paul's new video for "Brown-Eyed Handsome Man" can be seen on the Web on Emimusic's site at It had it's US TV premiere on VH1 on December 8.
If you haven't seen it yet, the video to "No Other Baby", as well as special interviews etc. are available on

        Matt Hurwitz (of Good Day Sunshine magazine) describes the videos as follows:

"Brown-Eyed Handsome Man":
Features Paul leading a slowly growing mob of line-dancers. Starts off with a just four hip-looking folks, slowly joined by everyone from Rastafarians to California Highway Patrolmen! A pair of "dee-jays" run the show from the cab of a huge truck in the background. Paul plays guitar throughout, ending up with his venerable Hofner, and then leading the pack of dancers! Directed by David Leland

"No Other Baby":
Much more subdued - Paul is seen alone in a rowboat, with just his guitar, singing "No Other Baby." With each verse his day moves along: from just strumming his guitar by daylight, then later by lantern and by the moon, then shaving (and singing) in the morning, and treating us to the song's lead, which he plays with his bare feet dangling in the water - sharks surrounding his boat! He rows past huge icebergs before rowing himself through a terrible storm. The film closes with Paul once again at peace, quietly sleeping in his boat with his guitar. Directed by Pedro Ramhanyi



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