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Wings Over America
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1999-Dec-06: Paul McCartney to rock the Cavern

Macca Returns To Root of Where It All Began

Paul McCartney is to rock out the end of the century with an historic one-off rock and roll show at Liverpool's famous Cavern Club.

        Paul (who reveals the news on "Parkinson," on BBC1 on Dec. 3rd at 9:30pm) is to return to his roots to perform a night of rock and roll on Tuesday, December 14th. The concert comes 12,953 days since Paul last performed in the cellar of 10 Mathew Street.

        The show - Paul's first at the tiny venue since The Beatles last played there on August 3rd, 1963 - will be his 281st show at The Cavern.

        Paul is to rock The Cavern as a tribute to the rock and roll musical force that has so shaped the last part of the last century of the millenium.

        Said Paul: "Rock and roll has shaped my life, and it changed the sound and the thinking of the century. Before The Beatles ever got big, we started out playing rock and roll at The Cavern. I'm going back, for just one night, as a nod to the music that has always, and will ever, thrill me.

        "I can't think of a better way than to rock out the end of the century with a rock and roll party at The Cavern, singing the songs of my heroes."

        Organizers are bracing themselves for a deluge of demand for tickets from all around the world. Due to space restrictions, it is expected that only 150-200 tickets will be available for this landmark show. The tickets will be free.

        "Millions are going to want to be at this gig, and the fact that is that millions are going to be disappointed," said a spokesman. "However, there are plans for the show to be broadcast on television and radio around the world."

        Paul and his band (Dave Gilmour and Mick Green on guitars, Ian Paice on drums and Pete Wingfield on keyboards) will be performing rock and roll from his album "Run Devil Run," playing songs by Elvis Presley, Little Richard, Chuck Berry and other of his influential heroes.

        Paul McCartney first played at The Cavern on Friday, January 24th, 1958, with The Quarrymen. He first played there with The Beatles at a lunchtime show on Thursday, February 9, 1961. The band's fee was £5.

        Since Paul last played at The Cavern, he has performed 587 live concerts with The Beatles, Wings and as a solo artists (252 with The Beatles, 142 with Wings, 193 as a solo artist).

        Due to the expected demand for tickets, and in an attempt to be fair for all, tickets for Paul At The Cavern will be available through a national (UK) raffle. To apply, callers must fill in forms which will be available from Monday Decmeber 6th from HMV record stores in Liverpool, London, Birmingham, Newcastle and Glasgow.

        NB: The occasionally-quoted "fact" that The Cavern Club no longer exists in Liverpool is an urban myth. The Cvaern Club is still at 10 Mathew Street, the same address as it was in The Sixties.

        The actual facts are these: In 1973 The Cavern at 10 Mathew Street was bulldozed above ground level. The basement (the actual Cavern) was filled in with rubble, and the wasteland above it was used for casual car parking. Later that year, a "new" Cavern was established in a building opposite. This club failed and was renamed "Revolution," and then "Eric's."

        Following the death of John Lennon in 1980, Liverpool decided to redevelop the *original* Cvaern as a lasting tribute to The Beatles. In 1982, the original Cavern basement was dug out, original bricks were either sold off for charity or used in the reconstruction. The Cavern was rebuilt - and enlarged, as two rooms, on the *exact* site of the Sixties original.

        First opened in 1957 as a live music venue, The Cavern has played host to many rock and roll bands besides The Beatles. Among those who have played The Cavern are: The Rolling Stones, The Who, Queen, Elton John, David Bowie, Stevie Wonder, Joe Cocker, Rod Stewart, Gene Vincent, The Kinks, Howlin' Wolf, The Drifters, Thin Lizzy, Jimi Hendrix, Jimmy Page, Oasis, Status Quo, Andy Summers, Ginger Baker and Ben E. King.

        Johnny Kidd & The Pirates - whose guitarist Mick Green will play alongside Paul on December 14th - played The Cavern 11 times.

Tickets are available for free via 5 HMV stores - each had 250 forms to give away (on the morning of 6 December) on a first come, first served basis, and there were Paui-related questions to be answered. The forms must be mailed to London by Thursday, and 75 winners will receive 2 tickets each.

Paul on German TV: "Wetten Dass...?" next Saturday

Paul will appear on Germany's biggest and most important live show this coming Saturday evening (11 December, from 20:15) - on "Wetten Dass...?"
        According to the EMI Germany website, he will perform "No Other Baby." On this show, music acts are usually mimed - with only few notable exceptions: Phil Collins sang live, accompanying himself on the piano, his latest single from the "Tarzan" soundtrack - in German language.
        Paul already was on Wetten Dass twice - to promote "Once Upon A Long Ago" and "Hope Of Deliverance." As a consequence, both songs were top-ten hits in Germany. Let's hope his upcoming appearance isn't too late, since "Run Devil Run" has already slipped off the top-100 album charts a couple of weeks ago. And "No Other Baby" is not too commercial anyway (by today's standards).
        On "Wetten Dass", celebrites can appear in different modes, since that show is a mixed music/talk/game show. In 1987, he (plus Linda, Band & "Fritz") only performed his song and left. But in 1992, he and the "New World Tour" band performed "Hope of Deliverance," and Paul would stay and sit on the couch for the entire show, to talk with the host of the show, and also to host one of the games himself. Since Paul's currently very chatty, one would assume that he stayed on TV for more than 5 minutes this time.
        This "Wetten Dass" show takes place in Böblingen, Germany, and these shows are always sold out by 6 months in advance. If anyone's willing to sell me a ticket, please write to

"Wetten Dass...?" airs on the public channel "ZDF" which is freely available throughout Europe via the Astra satellite system (unscrambled PAL).

Working Classical Electronic Press Kit

The 10-minute film on the making of Paul's Working Classical can be watched at Angel Records' homepage at (requires Windows Media Player).


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