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1999-Nov-13: McCartney News Update

Paul To Sing With Lulu On Lottery Show Today

Paul will sing a duet with Lulu. Lulu (known from the 1960s) will premiere her new series of BBC1 Lottery shows tonight. Since she admitted that she was nervous about this first episode of "Red Alert With The National Lottery", Paul agreed to help out.

Paul, who reportedly has always wanted to perform with Lulu, will be singing two songs from Run Devil Run. She will be singing backing vocals for his song Party, and the two will sing a duet on Brown Eyed Handsome Man. Paul was quoted: "I'm doing the show for Lulu because she's a mate from way back."

Lulu said: "We've done dozens of TV and radio shows but we've never sung together before. It's something we've always wished for but the dream finally comes true tonight."

More Paul on UK TV

Paul is scheduled to appear on "The Big Breakfast" on Tuesday, November 16th.

The date for the Parkinson interview is Friday, December 3rd at 9:30pm.

Paul was on London Radio

According to Richard Porter, Paul was interviewed by Gary Crowley on Radio London last Friday - with the actual interview being one hour long. Paul told how Run Devil Run was recorded - in much greater detail than on the Promo interview CD.

Paul to be on National Public Radio

Matt Hurwitz of Good Day Sunshine Magazine tells us:

Paul McCartney will soon be the featured guest on National Public Radio's (NPR) "Performance Today." Paul will discuss his new classical album, "Working Classical" (Billboard's No. 1 Classical Album for two weeks in a row), with host Lisa Simeone. Paul will also introduce recordings made at the October 16 live performance premiere of "Working Classical" in Liverpool, which he attended. THE EXACT BROADCAST DATE IS YET TO BE ANNOUNCED.

Cities which carry "Performance Today" can be found on NPR's website at:

Once you find a station on the list in your area, you can check the following page to see if that station has a website, on which you can find their broadcast schedule:  

If you still need help, feel free to call National Public Radio's Audience Services at: (212) 414-3232

Review: Paul on "Later with Jools Holland"

Graham Calkin tells us:

"Just a line giving some info on Paul`s appearance on the BBC2 TV show on Saturday night (6th Nov.). Paul was accompanied by all the members present on the album, as he launched into "Honey Hush", which was a rousing beginning to the show.

The format of the show includes the rotation of other guests, which on this edition included, Travis (very average Scottish band), Shola Ama (excellent soul performance), The flaming Lips (who I`ve never heard of, but they need a stronger vocalist !), and the excellent, Dan Penn and Spooner Oldham who performed a terrific version of a song they wrote for James and Bobby Purify called "I`m Your Puppet", superb.

During this rotation Paul joined Jools Holland (ex of Squeeze) at the piano where they chatted for 5 minutes, in the midst of which, a short clip of the Beatles playing "Hey Bulldog" in the studio was shown and the band members were introduced. Paul played "No Other Baby", the strongest track on the Album, and this sounded phenomenal. And finally Paul and the guys performed "Brown-eyed Handsome Man", followed by Jools joining the guys on piano in a punchy performance of "Party" which got the whole studio (and my lounge) rocking ! "

New girlfriend?

No comment, since

a) this is a gossip-free zone

b) we don't know anyway

November 3, 1999: New McCartney Interview on the Web

Matt Hurwitz of Good Day Sunshine magazine tells us:

Austin, Texas-based KGSR-FM's Jody Denberg will be webcasting a new interview with Paul McCartney this coming Sunday night November 7. The interview will be part of the station's "Sunday Night News," a two-hour program which airs at 9pm EST. Jody tells me that Paul's interview - which, in raw form, ran for 25 minutes! - will likely be featured in the first hour.

Denberg, who also put together two terrific promotional interview CD's recently for Julian Lennon and for The John Lennon Anthology, covers the whole gammut with Paul. McCartney talks about "Run Devil Run" and "Working Classical," his two new albums, and also covers his feelings about remixing The Beatles music, as was done recently for "Yellow Submarine." And there are a few stories you won't have heard before - a nice one about Paul's "Goodbye," a song he wrote and produced for Apple artist Mary Hopkin in 1969.

You can access the station's broadcast from their website, through Just go to their home page and look for the button:

They also have a transcript of the entire interview.


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