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1999-May-22: Miscellaneous News

Pride of Britain Awards - Linda McCartney Award for animal welfare

(excerpted from The Mirror)

        The audience fell silent as Sir Paul McCartney began to speak on his first official UK engagement since the death of his wife Linda. He was clearly moved by the many tales of bravery, determination and triumph against the odds that unfolded during the awards ceremony. And now he stood before the audience of celebrities, heroes, sportsmen, politicians and friends to present an award in honour of his late wife.

        Sir Paul said: "It has been a very emotional occasion. I never expected it to be like this. What a day this has been. It has been such an inspiration. The point about these awards is that you don't usually see this side of people. You normally see the other side. I have been choked up.

        "This shows how many good people there are in the world." And he told how Linda would have been "well-chuffed" with the award created in her name."I have been crying all year and now I come here," he joked.

        "I just want to thank Mirror readers for creating this category and dedicating it to my lovely Linda. I know she would be proud." Sir Paul nominated the winner of the Linda McCartney award for animal welfare himself. Animal rights campaigner Juliet Gellatley, 35, is founder and director of the vegetarian charity Viva.Sir Paul said: "I chose Juliet because she deserves more publicity for her work. "The point is that a few years ago Juliet would not have been at an award ceremony like this, but vegetarianism is now the way of the future."

        Juliet, 35, said: "At first when I heard I was nominated I was walking round the office asking everyone who they thought could be behind it. "The Mirror told me someone important had marked me out but it was not until two days ago that I realised it was Sir Paul. "I was absolutely gobsmacked. I'm incredibly honoured."

        Juliet first met Linda when she was a guest speaker at the launch of National Vegetarian Week in 1992. Together they launched a campaign called SCREAM! which took the facts about factory farming into schools. Juliet said: "Linda was an incredible support to me and the torch bearer for the whole movement. She is badly missed."This is only the second time I have met Sir Paul but it is great that he wants to support an organisation that is not scared to bang the drum. "Linda has done what she dreamed of and saved the lives of animals. I wish she were here to see this."

        Asked how he was coping with Linda's death from breast cancer,Sir Paul said: "I'm all right but I have been better." Smiling with pride, Paul poured out his deep joy at becoming a grandfather. Producing a set of five Polaroids from the breast pocket of his jacket, he said: "This is my grandchild at just eight-weeks-old," as the Blind Date star oohed and aahed. Looking relaxed Paul swapped a joke with Prime Minister Tony Blair as they met in the middle of the ballroom going in opposite directions. As Mr Blair left - passing McCartney on his way to his seat - Sir Paul laughed: "You're the morning shift. Now I'm here for the afternoon shift." He also spoke of how important it was to continue the vegetarian cause now that Linda had gone.

        "Linda believed in this 100 per cent," he said. "It is a huge international revolution. Vegetarianism is the great new idea for the next century. "My son James has taken it once step further by becoming a vegan. Vegetarianism is not as hard as you think.

        "It is not easy to work so hard because you don't get paid, it is long hours and the animals can't thank you. But there are lots of people out there in Britain who do this for a reason, they defend the animals, and I would like to thank each of them personally."  Sir Paul said that he will continue Linda's campaign against cruelty in animal farming. "I have a great support network but we could not do a thing without Linda's attitude."

Paul in Nashville, TN

On 5/20/99, The Tennessean reported:

Maybe I'm amazed: Paul's comin' to town

By Brad Schmitt / Tennessean Staff Writer

Indeedy, Paul McCartney is coming to Dickson, Tenn., next month to cut a song with legendary rock band The Crickets.

Seems The Crickets are doing one of those tributes-to-ourselves albums, and they've got a cool list of folks cutting old Crickets tunes.

Paul will sing Rave On. Graham Nash of Crosby, Stills & Nash fame will do Think It Over and rocker Vince Neil of Motley Crue will sing I Fought the Law. (Wouldn't that be a better song for Tommy Lee?)

This robo-cool project also will include Nanci Griffith -- longtime Crickets pal -- singing Heartbeat, John Prine singing Oh Boy and Rodney Crowell singing That'll Be The Day. The Mavericks also are expected to contribute a song. The project is being recorded at the home studio of Crickets drummer J.I. Allison, who lives on a farm in Dickson. The whole thing also is being filmed for a possible documentary later.

No label yet for the project, being called The Crickets: Pickin' Under the Influence.

Paul's New Album

Well, there had been enough rumors, and an eyewitness saw Paul at Abbey Road Studios in late February this year. Apparently, he and Dave Gilmour were there recording some rock'n'roll oldies.

According to Billboard Magazine, Paul's next album will offer up to two new songs and 17 rock oldies. EMI and Capitol are said to have plans for a worldwise release in July (!). Songs included are Movie Mag (by Carl Perkins), Blue Jean Bop (Gene Vincent), Thumbin' A Ride (Leiber/Stoller) and Ready Teddy (Otis Blackwell).

The magazine reports that the album started as a jam session, unintended for commercial release, but that the recordings turned out so good that Paul basically said, "Hell, why not release it?" Finishing touches weren't completed until mid-May. Paul's next classical album (announced during around the premiere of Standing Stone) is also said to be expected for release in fall.

New Beatles Single

You've surely read about it. Yellow Submarine - the movie - has been thoroughly restored, lost scenes edited back in, and the entire soundtrack remixed (lots of surround effects). It will be released in September, together with an entirely remixed Yellow Submarine CD, which leaves off the George Martin instrumentals but includes all the songs that are played in the movie. Yes, this means we will get to hear reMIXed tracks from Sgt. Pepper as well! You've heard about a "new Beatles single", "lost song" and other Bakerisms. Apparently it's going to be "Hey Bulldog" - remixed but definitely not new ;-) (still exciting, it's a real gem, and we will get to see a proper video clip!). [latest word is that no single will be released at all]

BBC Year 2000 Gig?

Paul will not play at the New Year's Eve concert because he wants to spend time with his family.


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