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1999-Jan-26: New Linda McCartney Single; misc. other news

New Linda McCartney Single

The Light Comes From Within

"The Light Comes From Within" is the title of Linda's latest single, out on Monday Jan 25th, 1999 in the UK. It's out on CD (Parlophone CDR6513) and on limited picture vinyl (Parlophone RPD6513). Of course there is a lot of contribution from Paul and son James. The single is backed with "I Got Up," and both songs are taken from the album Wide Prairie. However, there's been a lot of controversy on it in the media. The single carries a sticker "Parental Guidance - Explicit Lyrics."

"Parents, we need your guidance"

Paul McCartney placed advertisements Britain's national newspapers Monday to ridicule what he regards as the prudery that is infecting the record business.

The tongue-in-cheek adverts ask parents to give their "guidance on whether children will be morally corrupted" by a controversial line in a new single by his late wife, Linda.

The record, "The Light Comes From Within", from her posthumous solo album, Wide Prairie, includes the lyric: "you say I'm simple, you say I'm a hick - you're f***ing no-one, you stupid d***".

Former Beatle Sir Paul, who says the record has been universally banned, and given a parental guidance sticker because of its explicit lyrics, says in the advertisement:

"Your children need your guidance on this matter. It is your parental duty to listen to this record and to decide once and for all if you think your children will be morally corrupted...

"Should you decide that your children must not hear this record we would be grateful for your wisdom and good sense and will put our fingers in our ears whenever we hear it played.

"If, on the other hand, you feel that no harm will come to your children by being exposed to this song, give the guidance so sorely needed and tell them it's OK to do so."

The song has been banned from TV and radio in Britain and earned the parental guidance warning for Linda McCartney's posthumously released album, ''Wide Prairie.'' Paul McCartney criticized what he called the ''nannying and playsafe attitude that is infecting the record business.''

''After all, people do use the word on the telly and on the radio too,'' he said. ''In what age are we living? Is this the '90s or is it the '20s? Are children really going to be morally corrupted by one line in a song?''

The song was recorded in March, a month before Linda McCartney succumbed to breast cancer at age 56. 

The ad tells parents that if ''you feel that no harm will come to your children by being exposed to this song, give the guidance so sorely needed and tell them it's OK to do so.''

(Webmaster's comment: I don't think that the influence of too much Bakerism does any good. After the "Hey Nude-," "Santa Barbara-," and "F-word" affairs, Paul's public image is changing ... Okay, it does give publicity.)

Band On The Run - Rerelease

(EMI Press Release)


C21X - 99176 Full Price CD Street date: 3/9/99

Paul McCartney will be honored on March 15, 1999 with an induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. In celebration, Capitol Records is releasing a 25th Anniversary remastered, limited edition reissue of Paul's all time best-selling album, BAND ON THE RUN. In addition to the remastered version of BAND ON THE RUN, this very special package will contain a bonus disc of previously unavailable material along with lyrics to all the songs and newly written liner notes.

With a running time of over 50 minutes, the bonus disc tells the story of how the album was made in the words of those involved through interviews with Paul and the band, and comments from Linda McCartney, Denny Laine, Geoff Emerick (engineer), Tony Visconti (arranger and orchestrator), Clive Arrowsmith (photographer), Al Coury (former Head of Promotions at Capitol Records), James Coburn, John Conteh, Kenny Lynch, Michael Parkinson, Christopher Lee, Clement Freud, and Dustin Hoffman. The bonus disc also contains outtakes from the original sessions, tour rehearsals, and one previously unreleased piece specifically recorded for BAND ON THE RUN. Tracks featured include an acoustic "Band On The Run", a soundcheck recording of "Jet", rehearsal recordings of "Let Me Roll It" and "Band On The Run", and an alternate mix of "Helen Wheels".

Following on the heels of Paul's Grammy-nominated and multi-platinum selling FLAMING PIE, and coinciding with the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction on 3/15, the BAND ON THE RUN reissue is sure to be one of the most anticipated and talked about releases of the new year.


(From the UK Sunday Times)

SIR Paul McCartney is organising two major charity concerts in London and New York in memory of his late wife, it emerged yesterday.

The two events, to be called A Garland for Linda, will run simultaneously. The money raised will be split between the Breakthrough Breast Cancer charity and the ARK medical education centre in Basingstoke, Hampshire.

Lady McCartney died from breast cancer in April last year aged 56 and it is believed that she would have wanted the money raised to go to the two charities.

Sir Paul is writing a piece for the event, which will be recorded. Sir Richard Rodney Bennett has written pieces for the concert; John Tavener, whose work was performed at the funeral of Diana, Princess of Wales, is also expected to contribute.

No date or venues have yet been fixed.


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