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1998-Oct-12: Wide Prairie - details!

Wide Prairie

Here are the tracks of the upcoming album Wide Prairie by Linda McCartney (out on October 27):

1 Wide Prairie
2 New Orleans
3 The White Coated Man
4 Love's Full Glory
5 I Got Up
6 The Light Comes From Within
7 Mister Sandman
8 Seaside Woman
9 Oriental Nightfish
10 Endless Days
11 Poison Ivy
12 Cow
13 B-Side To Seaside
14 Sugartime
15 Cook Of The House
16 Appaloosa
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This will be a very good album. With the exception of only a few tracks, I have heard early versions of all songs (aired on the 1995 "Oobu Joobu" series, or on bootleg discs), and most of them are just great. I can whole-heartedly recommend this album to all McCartney fans!


Press Release:

Wide Prairie, the solo album Linda McCartney, will be released by Capitol Records in the USA on Tuesday, October 27th. In Europe, it is released on Monday, October 26th.

The 16-track solo album, which she had planned to release this year, features 13 original songs written by Linda as well as three cover versions. It stands as the definitive collection of all the songs records by Linda over the past 25 years.

Linda sings lead vocal on all the songs and plays various keyboards, while Paul McCartney, who produced the album, sings backing vocals and plays a variety of instruments. The album also includes the couple's son James playing lead guitar.

Making her own solo album for the fun of it was an idea inspired in Linda by a fan who had liked her song Seaside Woman, the soundtrack to an animated short film that won a Golden Palm at the 1980 Cannes Film Festival. Paul explained: "A couple of years ago, a fan wrote to Linda saying she had enjoyed Seaside Woman and asked if there were any more tracks of hers available. That letter made us decide to gather all the music that she had recorded through the years and put it on one album."

Wide Prairie reveals a varied mix of Linda's musical tastes from the pop-reggae of Seaside Woman and Mister Sandman to the punk spirit of I Got Up and The Light Camera From Within. On Cow and White Coated Man (co-written with television screenwriter Carla Lane) Linda makes her stand for animal rights and her gentleness is heard in the ballads Endless Days, Love's Full Glory and Appaloosa. Linda's unpretentious sense of fun runs through the album - from her perky and tongue-in-cheek Wide Prairie, to the surreal Oriental Nightfish, the bouncy New Orleans and her poppy cover versions of Sugartime and Poison Ivy. Wide Prairie was recorded in England, the USA, France and Jamaica at varying times since November 1972 and the album was completed in March of this year.

Single to be released

According to some recent edition of Billboard, a single for the song Wide Prairie will be released by Parlophone on November 9th, with Cow and Love's Full Glory as extra tracks.

Message from Geoff Baker for Fun Club members


Dear Funclubber,

As you may have read or heard, Linda's very own solo album will be released worldwide by EMI/Capitol on October 26th.

Titled WIDE PRAIRIE the album is the definitive collection of all the songs that Linda recorded over the past 25 years.

WIDE PRAIRIE contains 16 songs - 13 original songs written by Linda and three cover versions of Poison Ivy, Sugartime and Mister Sandman.

Linda sings lead vocal on all of the tracks and plays keyboards of most of them. Paul, who produced the album, sings backing vocals and plays a wide variety of instruments. He has also written the tracknotes. WIDE PRAIRIE also features James, playing lead guitar on a couple of tracks.

Linda always intended to put out this album, the recording of which she and Paul completed in March this year.

It's a fine album and a fun album and one that we are all proud of. It's "very Linda" and all of us at MPL thought you'd like to know that it's coming soon.

Geoff Baker The Press Office


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