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1998-Apr-20: Linda McCartney dies of cancer

It's incredibly sad news. After over two  years of fighting against cancer, Linda McCartney died at 5:04 a.m. PDT last Friday, with her husband and children at her side, in Santa Barbara, California, at age 56.

"The blessing was that the end came quickly and she didn't suffer," says a statement from publicist Geoff Baker. Two days before her death, Linda and Paul had been horseback riding, one of her main passions, Baker said.

In December 1995, a malign tumor was found in her breast and she was immediately undergoing treatment that seemed to be working well. Only in March the cancer was found to have spread to her liver.

Paul will be issuing a statement late this week and is currently with his children, Baker said. "The coming days are going to be very difficult for Paul. People may not realize that with the exception of one occasion, Paul and Linda never spent a night apart in the 30 years that they have loved one another."

"Especially because of this, I am making a personal and professional appeal to the press and media to please respect how Paul and the family are feeling and to give them time and space alone," he said.

Paul asked that instead of sending flowers, people could make a donation to cancer research or animal welfare charities, or best of all, the tribute that Linda herself would like best: "Go veggie."

Matt Hurwitz, publisher of GDS, spoke with MPL in London, and they asked that anyone wishing to send a card or good wishes to Paul and the family should please send them to the Fun Club address, not to MPL's offices or to Paul's home. That address is:

The Paul McCartney Fun Club
P.O. Box 110
Westcliff, Essex SS0 8NW


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