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Wings Over America
Wings Over America
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1998-Jan-14: A Summary of recent and upcoming events

Oh Yoko!
[hg] In a recent interview Yoko Ono has again shown that she still hasn't learned it. She's still pretending to know everything Beatles better (you should hear her during the infamous Get Back sessions, the audio of which (at least to a great extent) is available on many bootleg albums. There she's acting as if she was part of the Beatles which she clearly wasn't. During the making of the Anthology, there was some dispute between her and Paul. Remember John telling his story about the man on the Flaming Pie "who said unto them: from now on you are Beetles with an A."? She insisted that John dreamed that. Paul and the others however knew that John has just made it up. Paul certainly knew John longer than Yoko did. Yoko vetoed that Paul told the real story during the Anthology (she holds 25% of Apple). So Paul made his song "Flaming Pie." This must have hurt Yoko, and so came her revenge. In this interview she compares John and Paul with Mozart and another composer who was one of Mozart's enemies. She said John was the spiritual leader of the group and the Mozart of the two. Oh! Yoko, starting over yet again?

Flaming Pie nominated for Grammy
Yes! Paul's album "Flaming Pie" has been nominated for "Album of the Year". Congratulations! I hope it'll win! The annual show will take place in late February. Citizens of North America may take part in a couple of contests - check

Music for Montserrat on VH1 (US)
At last!  The George Martin-produced "Music for Montserrat" benefit concert, which took place last September in London and featured Paul McCartney, will be re- broadcast on VH1 on Saturday January 17th at 9pm (ET/PT). It will be repeated again the following day, on Sunday January 18th at 4pm (ET/PT). The program was originally broadcast on Showtime Pay-per-view, the week after the concert took place.
(This information according to Good Day Sunshine magazine)

Oprah on UK TV
Sky One will broadcast the Oprah show (with Paul McCartney) this Thursday 15 January between 4pm and 5pm. It will probably be the "Little Willow" version (which was the repeat in the U.S.; the first version contained Beautiful Night instead).

Paul to sing on Coward album
Pet Shop Boy, Neil Tennant, has talked Sir Paul McCartney into performing on a charity album to celebrate the centenary of Sir Noel Coward's birth. There will be a gala show in London this week with  Sir Elton John, Shola Ama, Robbie Williams, Marianne Faithfull and the Pet Shop Boys. The show will be recorded for use on an album. Sir Paul isn't appearing at the gala, but he has recorded his own version of a Coward song for the album.

Possible upcoming releases and events in 1998
You thought 1997 was a busy Beatle year? No way! Looks like there will be loads of things to look forward to this year!

The new Abbey Road Studios - the Documentary has already premiered on UK ITV in January. It includes interviews with Paul McCartney and former Beatle drummer Pete Best, amongst several other goodies. It will later be released on video.

February might see releases of a debut CD from Sean Lennon (without Yoko nor IMA). There will also be George Martin's CD In My Life including Beatles cover versions by Sean Connery and Goldie Hawn.

In April the new album by Ringo Starr will be released. Expectations are high, as Paul and George (amongst several other highly acclaimed musicians) contributed to the album. There should also be a new tour of Ringo in Europe, Australia, Canada, South America and Japan.

According to Club Sandwich, Paul's animated film Tropical Island Hum will be released around Easter!
There'll also be a new CD around that time: Working Classical which contains short classical pieces that were composed by Paul during the making of Standing Stone. Apparently recordings for this CD are not finished yet, though.

In July we'll be celebrating the 30th anniversary of the movie Yellow Submarine. Maybe it will finally be re-released on video since it has been deleted for many many years.

In autumn the long awaited Anthology Book should finally see the light of day. The special collector's edition by Genesis Publications might also include autographs and even previously unreleased Beatles tracks on a special CD. There will also be a trade edition.

Other things that are still waiting for a release are Let It Be on video (it has obviously been remastered and prepared a couple of years ago), the Hollywood Bowl on CD (according to Ringo), and finally a new George album, should he ever get around to recording it! Then there's the official box set of "Lost Lennon Tapes" still waiting for its release.

Wings Anthology
And let's not forget what Paul had mentioned during the Townhall Meeting at the Bishopsgate: A Wings Anthology is being compiled by his daughter Mary and her boyfriend Alistair.

Painting's exhibition
There still appears to be no final date set for the very first exhibition of Paul's paintings in Siegen, Germany, later this year. As the author of this site lives in Germany, he hopes to be able to provide lots of first-hand information about the exhibition.

And finally, Linda is probably still preparing a photo film of the Beatles, and its soundtrack was said to contain the so far unheard Beatles track Carnival of Light.


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