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Wings Over America
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1997-Dec-07: Miscellaneous

Hey Prude? - full frontal nudity in Beatiful Night video
There's a lot of discussion on the video to Paul's next single "Beautiful Night.", to be released on December 15 (not in the USA, it seems). It premiered at the Oprah Winfrey show on November 24. The UK premiere was Saturday December 6 on the Chart Show. So far - so good!

Towards the end, the video contains a scene of a nude couple, swimming in the River Mersey. According to reports, it contains "full frontal nudity" which had to be edited out in part for broadcast on the Oprah Winfrey show.

TV stations all said they will not air this video unedited, so Paul decided to edit it himself (before others do it).

The December 1997 Beatles Monthly Book (official Beatles Fan Club in England) reports:

"The video for the Beautiful Night single was filmed by Absolute Beginners director Julien Temple and, according to MPL, is the most lavish Paul has made in recent years. The original version of the video contains a love scene between a young couple swimming naked in the River Mersey. This will stay in the video to sustain the plot, said a McCartney spokesman, but other scenes might have to be edited to meet broadcast regulations.
"Unfortunately, some of the full-frontal sequences in Beautiful Night will have to be cut out, or the video will never be seen, unless it's on the Playboy channel," quipped the spokesman. "The actress, Emma Moore, is a beautiful sight, but we'd have a beautiful fight getting these scenes onto MTV."

The 5 minute video was filmed in Liverpool and London, and included a day's performance at the Nightingale Estate in Hackney, during which Paul played Beautiful Night with Spud, and Ealing-based band of 16 year olds, currently studying for their A levels at Drayton Manor High School. In the video, Paul stands in the forecourt of a tower block as 40 TV sets are thrown from windows on the 18th floor and crash land with spectacular results around him. "We had to be very careful this bombing run," added the spokesman.   "Fortunately Paul was unscarred. The Beautiful Knight was unharmed!".

Despit the fact that nudity and rock'n'roll type destruction are untypical of a McCartney video, the spokesman stressed that Beautiful Night is indeed a Christmas single. "The video depicts one of Paul's unwavering themes," he said "Basically, the message is to turn off the telly and turn on to love this Christmas".

Q Magazine
The current edition of the UK Q Magazine (which is sold in the US, too, for example at Borders) had the Q&A session to which internet users could submit their questions. Members of  the internet newsgroups and mailing lists will certainly recognise several familar names! This magazine also includes photos of Paul at the Q Awards (November 4th). Paul received the title "Composer of the Year" but left the event early in protest, because Phil Spector received a life-time award. It was Phil Spector who ruined the Let It Be album with his production. 

Paul on TV - summary
Standing Stone (Royal Albert Hall)  was shown on A&E at 10pm and 1am ET on Nov. 23rd. At 9am the same day The Making of Standing Stone was aired

Paul was on Oprah on Nov. 24, and it included the world premiere of the "Beautiful Night" video. There will be be a repeat on December 19, but "Little Willow" will be shown instead.

Paul McCartney's Town Hall Meeting was repeated on VH1 (USA) on November 25, 10pm ET, and there will again be aired on Sunday December 14th, 4:30pm ET.

Paul was on November 26's edition of Hard Copy. This was in reference to the RADD (Recording Artists, Actors and Athletes Against Drunk Driving) video he's made using "Drive My Car." Paul was featured in a 30-second spot he's done for RADD saying "You can't drive my car or anyone else's if you've been drinking." The week before at Carnegie Hall, RADD chairman David Niven Jr. and president Erin Meluso presented Paul with 1997's Founder's Award. Niven commented McCartney for his appearance and helping arrange for RADD to use "Drive My Car" for non-profit use as RADD's anthem.

VH1 (USA) had a very Beatle-y programming on Thanksgiving (27 November). Notable is the first-ever US broadcast of the unedited The Making of Sgt. Pepper - previously, the segment discussing drugs was cut out. They also showed Magical Mystery Tour and George Harrison & Ravi Shankar - Yin and Yang.

PBS premiered the David Frost Show, interviewing Paul McCartney, on Friday November 28. However, the actual broadcasting date is different throughout the States, and some are still waiting to see it or it is not yet determined if it will be shown there at all. For instance, the Chicago area "might get to see it in January or February", according to a PBS spokesman. In the meanwhile, this interview was also shown in the U.K. Taping of this interview took place in MPL's London office some time ago, and it took two hours.


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