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Wings Over America
Wings Over America
(2013 Remaster)

1997-Oct-14: Standing Stone World Premiere at the Royal Albert Hall

Paul and conductor Lawrence Foster

What a beautiful night! And it was a huge success. And we got to see Linda's first public appearance since you know when. And thanks to Classic FM, we could hear the premiere on Real Audio, preceeded by excerpts from the Liverpool Oratorio, A Leaf and a special Paul interview. The Real Audio broadcast actually worked quite well.
The BBC videotaped the whole performance. It will be aired in U.S. A&E channel sometime in November.

There was a lot of footage on various TV magazines, and most papers had something today.

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Conductor Foster
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very special confetti
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more confetti
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Standing Stones
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Paul at press conference
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Two Macs at work ;-)
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the composing software
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Linda, James and Mary leave RAH
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more Linda
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more Linda



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