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Wings Over America
Wings Over America
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1997-Oct-09: Miscellaneous

Standing Stone big success
In the U.S.A., Standing Stone entered the Classic Charts at #1, and remains in the No.1 spot in its second week.

Standing Stone TV broadcast
The BBC will record the premiere, and it will be shown in the USA on the A&E cable channel in November. A "Making of Standing Stone" documentary is also to be shown.

Biography Many Years From Now postponed in the U.S.A
This excellent biography has been released in the United Kingdom this Monday, however apart from a handful of promotional copies, it has not gone on sale in the U.S.A. yet. According to Steve Marinucci, the release has been postponed to November, there. However, in the week starting on October 20th, it actually went on sale throughout the USA. (thanks, Steve!)

Montserrat Concert airs on German Radio
German public radio station "WDR2" will air the concert this coming Sunday at 8 p.m., German time. WDR2 can be received over the ASTRA satellites throughout Europe.

Teletext updates
In case you've missed it - 35 teletext articles were added to Maccatext News 6, and 16 articles have been added to Beatletext News 10. As usual, the English translations will be added as soon as I manage.

Flaming Pie Singles
Although promos were sent to US radio stations, and the video got some airplay, Young Boy was not released as a single in the USA.
According to Beatles Monthly Book, Beautiful Night will be the next (European, USA?) single and is scheduled for release in time for Christmas.


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