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Wings Over America
Wings Over America
(2013 Remaster)

1997-Sep-29: Paul in the news; first Montserrat bootleg

Sept 29: Excerpt from forthcoming biography reveals Paul was close to a nervous breakdown after the Beatles had split.

Sept 25: Paul, Cannabis and misquotes
Reuters reported that Paul "called for the legalisation of cannabis."

In fact, Paul said to the New Statesman magazine: "I support the decriminalisation (of cannabis).  People are smoking pot anyway and to make them criminal is wrong." In his opinion, it was pointless to fill jails with people who smoke cannabis because this would very likely turn them into criminals.

Paul was arrested for 9 days for possessing marijuana in Japan in 1980 - and he said that he learned nothing from it. "When I was jailed in Japan for having pot there was no attempt at rehabilitation. They just stuck me in a box for nine days. Decriminalisation would take the sting out of the issue."
Paul's comments were not very well received. Paul's forthcoming biography, "Many Years From Now", will probably report about this 1980 incident in great detail.

In the same interview, Paul criticised Oasis as "being derivative, and too full of themselves". Publicist Baker later issued a statement saying reports that McCartney had attacked Oasis were incorrect. "Paul McCartney also made it plain that he saw no rivalry between the Beatles and Oasis, and there was room for them all."

Sept. 23: First Montserrat bootleg CD
It was only broadcast on Pay Per View last Saturday (Sept. 20), and today this CD was already seen in some U.S. CD store:
Paul McCartney/Friends: Montserrat '97 (available for members only!)


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